Falling for a Criminal (Loki Fan Fic)

It has been two years since awakening in Asgard, helping a criminal (being Loki) escape, and making a mistake bigger than helping that criminal. Thanks to that mistake Joy has been living with armbands of steel, an entity who speaks to her through mind, and two powers. The first power is telekinesis; able to move objects and people at will. Second power; make machinery explode at will. Loki pops up again after 2 years. And Joy might be falling for a criminal. It's a-okay long as he is immortal and such.
Curious now? Then read it.
Sequel to 'Awaken in Asgard'. Book 2 of 2.


27. Memories are back

...June 22nd...2015...

..Appalachian mountains...

The Appalachian Mountains are oddly cold in this time of year. Thor wore his big furry coat, his hand wrapped around the handle to the Mjolnir, and a overall cold temperature set about. Thor can see nests in which birds are huddled together with their eyes closed acting so cozy. Sources said Clara Carls went here to have some 'fun'.

His boots crunch in the snow.

Could Clara be the cause of this unnatural storm?

"It is becoming more and more possible," Thor remarks, seeing the ice sculptures of animals along the sides leading up to the opening of the cave. "At least the animal carving aspect has not changed."

Thor walks into the cave leaving behind the cold rigid temperatures. The cave heats up so about 10 feet in Thor takes his coat off slumping it on a large boulder. Thor looks up to see a flickering big flame down the cave emitting.  Clara is here, Thor thought. Thor walks down the path using his hammer to stir light in his path.

Clara had to give Loki's memories back, that is what Thor wanted.

A mortal brother to remember a godly brother.

Thor went deeper and deeper into the cave.

Until he came to the belly of the cave.

Never had Thor seen a sea of gold with treasure in one place. His father's vault is something that lacked any of these descriptive gold pieces. Some of these gold pieces are rounded shaped with different markings,some were blocks,and some are any ordinary fancy jewelery fashioned in gold. Cups are among the collection of gold varying in their mold. Thor looks around lowering his hammer to his side.

"Clara?" Thor calls.

"I am here," Clara said, on one towering pile of gold.

Thor looks up to see Clara clad in a purple dress with a golden necklace that has a emerald gem in the center.

"We need to speak on the same level," Thor said.

"The god of thunder came to speak with me?" Clara asks, with a small laugh.

"Yes," Thor said.

Clara rolls an eye levitating down to the brown floor.

"Whatever you may think I did to get this wealth; that I did not," Clara said.

"I want you to give Loki's memories back," Thor said.

"It is his own damn fault," Clara said.

"He is not responsible for your near death," Thor said.

"Loki gave me unlimited power and everything that he had; except for the memories," Clara said.

"You took away his memories," Thor said. "And you can give them back."

Clara laughs lightly folding her arms.

"And how do you propose I give it back?" Clara asks.

"Hand shake,"  Thor said, grimly.

Clara walks around fiddling with her fingers.

"A hand shake," Clara said. "That  is not the kind which transfers memories."

"A kiss," Thor said.

Clara laughs stopping at a golden piano.

"If he saw me, Loki may remember a gleam of how I doomed him," Clara said.

"You can find a way," Thor said.

We see a bright small ball of light appear in the shadows and fade.

"What if he does not want to remember?" Clara asks.

"Then cannot be seen," Thor said. "I just want Loki to remember me."

"Hm, how sweet," Clara said. "Sweet like chocolate. I'll consider it, maybe in a few years!"

"No!" Thor said.  "You consider this now!"

"A little demanding," Clara said.

"I am furious," Thor said. "Loki trusted you and I gave you the shroud of a doubt."

"You want to fight it out, then let's fight it out," Clara said.

"It is only fair to fight a woman with a weapon,"  Thor said.

"I have magic," Clara said.

Thor frowns.

"I have a hammer," Thor said.

"That is fair," Clara said.

"No, that is not," Thor said.

"Is too," Clara said.

"You can easily get crushed by the Mjolnir," Thor said.

"Yadah yadah--HAMMER!" Clara shouts sending a rubber hammer after Thor.

Thor uses the Mjolnir to break it into pieces by  single strike sending rubber everywhere. Clara mutters words only Loki knows of  bending her fingers. Thor is furious enough that thunder is being drawn to Mjolnir spiraling on out ready to fire. Thor sent out thunder onto Clara leaving quite the mark on her cheek but in the aftermath of the strike every moving item and person froze in place. Minutes stop passing.

"Do not even try, Brother," Loki said, coming out of the shadows.

Thor turns around with surprise in his eyes.

"Loki!" Thor said. "Do you remember me?"

"Of course, I do," Loki said, with a sly smile. "I only need you to trust me in what I have in mind."

"But she still has powers," Thor said.

"Keyword is still," Loki said.

"I do not understand," Thor said, confused.

"I am from the future," Loki said, approaching Thor. "And I cannot go back."

"So there is two of you?" Thor said.

"Yes," Loki said.

"Strangely makes sense coming from you,"  Thor said.

Loki sighs.

"Brother, I have used great magic to do this," Loki said, holding his hand out. "And I can not continue this much longer." Loki lowers his voice.  "I cannot grant you will see Jane Foster after this."

"What happened to Jane?" Thor asks, concerned.

"Clara happened," Loki said, Thor looks over towards Clara in horror.  "She is not exactly mortal and visible to the human eye."

Thor turns his head towards Loki.

"I must see what Clara has done to my friend!" Thor said.

Loki sighs.

"We don't know where Jane is," Loki said.

"Then I will find her," Thor said.

Loki looks at Thor fondly.

"You are stubborn as a rhino getting what you want," Loki said.  "Now take my hand."

"Why?" Thor asks.

"Because we are going to stay at Asgard for time to catch up," Loki said.  "I made a little short cut to your present Midgard and we cannot come back until August 17th,2015."

"That is when you left to come here," Thor said, deducing the obvious.

"To stop Clara," Loki said.

"From what?" Thor asks.

"Turning you into stone and unable to move while being conscious," Loki said.

"That is a terrible curse," Thor said.

"Not a curse, Brother," Loki said. "It  is a spell."

"One question; there is a problem when this moment cannot be repeated,"

"It can be, Brother," Loki said. "I have...Managed to get a time limit on a news segment about you. Something about you getting frozen and having to need a three month period of being thawed by a furnace because apparently of pie."

Thor laughs.

"Pie is not the answer to everything," Thor said.

Loki is acting though as the argument of pie is serious.

"I have SHIELD aware this has to be a lie," Loki said, while Clara's power is drawing near. "Well, I will have. A connection to one of Joy's friend 'Pete WarHeart' has offered to help. Agent Hank Arnolds will be taking care of that problem in three weeks. On July 11th, 2015."

Thor takes Loki's hand. The two vanish leaving behind a wooden statue mesmerized in paint  made by the one and only Loki. The life-like statue of Thor is coated in steel. Clara lowers her hands with a smirk placed on her lips. The outside scenery to the cave turns into summer finally in what seems to be after months. Her dress changes into a summer attire being short pants and a shirt that lacks sleeves.

"Time to start my search for Loki," Clara said.  "I will get the kiss-memory spell arranged."

A paper slip is under her flip-flop.

Clara picks up the paper.

"Joy Salamanders," Clara read the paper. "Loki's accomplice."

Clara grins clenching the paper then slowly laughs as our view on her becomes coated into darkness until the screen is black as night.

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