Falling for a Criminal (Loki Fan Fic)

It has been two years since awakening in Asgard, helping a criminal (being Loki) escape, and making a mistake bigger than helping that criminal. Thanks to that mistake Joy has been living with armbands of steel, an entity who speaks to her through mind, and two powers. The first power is telekinesis; able to move objects and people at will. Second power; make machinery explode at will. Loki pops up again after 2 years. And Joy might be falling for a criminal. It's a-okay long as he is immortal and such.
Curious now? Then read it.
Sequel to 'Awaken in Asgard'. Book 2 of 2.


16. Left behind

.August 5th, 2015...

...Florida, Town Key Westizville...

We are being followed along the sidewalk to the world famous Cherry Tree Park.  Loki looks over his shoulder acting so concerned and unsure about something I am not aware of. Loki stops in his tracks so I stop. We were holding hands because 'We have to sell the act that we are a couple when we are not'. Loki had dyed his hair a different color from blonde to brown and not spiky at all.

"What is it?" I ask.

"We are being followed," Loki said, his head turned towards a fountain.

I suddenly can feel someone is eying at me.

"Where is the stalker?" I ask, eying at  the fountain.

"Behind you," Loki said. "Behind a tree."

I start to look with a fake smile but Loki stops me.

"Are you mad?" Loki asks. "You'll make her know we are on to them."

I frown.

"I must see who this 'she' is," I said.

"Guessing it is Jane?"  Bob asks.

No, I thought, Not at all.

"If you want to lose any chances of finding who framed me for such an act of intended terrorism then do it," Loki said.

I look over seeing a woman wearing a hoody with Asian like features, ear piercings, and a sheath attached around her shoulder.  She oddly wore see through glasses  displaying hints of mascara here and there. I did some mental guessing until one seemed logical. It could be Clara Carls. The one woman responsible for Loki's godly loss.

"...Who is that woman?" Loki asks.

"I dunno," I lied.

"She has been stalking us for the past 5 hours," Loki said, in a hush tone.

"Perhaps she is Clara," Bob suggests.

"And you think I am lying?" I ask, innocently.

"Yes," Loki said, without much hesitation.

I sigh.

"Clara Carls," I said, coming to a complete stop. "She is back."

"I feel a fight is about to commence," Bob said. "Brace yourself."

"Let's go before she starts acknowledging us," Loki said, resuming his walking pace. 

"Oh Loookii!" A woman's voice sang.

"I am not responding to that name," Loki said.

"Too bad," I said. "You just did."

"Follow my lead," Loki said, going to a flower store that had since closed and left unlocked.

Key word; unlocked.

"One more time," Loki said, letting go of my hand. "Who is she?"

"She is your former girlfriend," I said. "The reason why you are not a god."

"What if I don't want to go back there?" Loki asks.

"Back there?" I ask.

"A god," Loki said. "Being a god."

 I sigh.

"Crane," I said. "A demigod can outlive a mortal."

"There are negative reminders of who I was back then," Loki admits, lowering his head. Clara is distracted by a herd of people. "I do not want to be the god of lies."

I had, though, fulfilled my part of the dare.

I use my hands to lift his attention back.

"Do you know what a lie is, Crane?" I ask, taking my hand back.

"Of course  I do!" Loki said.

"That is not what I am asking," I said.

"Lies are deception," Loki said.

"What is a lie about?" I ask.

"A work of fiction," Loki said.

"What is fiction often referred to?" I ask.

There is a pause.

"Stories," Loki said.

"You were not just a god of lies,"  I said, putting a hand on his right cheek. "You were a god of stories. Every lie is a story."

"What good do you see in lies for one who see's through them?" Loki asks, as I take my hand off his cheek.

"I can't answer that question," I said. "You have to find that out yourself."

"About time I make a interruption for dear Clara," Bob said.

It seemed like a moment to kiss.

But no there was a explosion that made us get sent apart in different directions. I land on my side in pain. Loki is pinned by a large piece of rock that had been part of the building support. I saw sky up ahead cloaked in grayness but the other sides of the building still stood without a trouble.  I manage to get up seeing Clara walking over the debris.

"My chest," Loki said, with a groan. "Hurts!"

"Oh, don't be a whiny butt," Clara said. "It only hurts a little."

Loki stares at Clara.

"You are the woman who died!" Loki said.

"I didn't die," Clara said. "You saved me at a cost and I retaliated over that."

Loki frowns.

"So it was you!" Loki said. "You...Did this to me? To feel pain? Why are you back?"

Clara turns away.

"You said a few things I am keeping my word on," Clara said. She faces my direction. "You must be Salamanders."

I clenched at my shoulder.

"Thor told me about you," I said.

Clara laughs.

"I heard Thor went to the Appalachian mountains," Clara said.

I cover my mouth with a gasp.

Why would a god go to the mountains?

"You....You didn't," I said, uncovering my mouth.

Clara nods.

"I did," Clara said.

"I am lost here!" Loki said.

I charge right at Clara now armed with a pipe that had fallen out of place.


"Joy!" Loki shouts, trying to shove off the heavy rock.  "Don't!"

Clara sent me into a collision course with her. I dropped the pipe as a direct result to the floor. Brick,wall material, and metal broke apart. That is until a heavy vault stopped our speeding  course with a hard smack.  I am sent landing across Clara feeling a bruise coming on my back.  Loki is far, far, far away.

"You..." I said. "You relentless bitch."

Clara has a low laugh with her back to the wall.

"Look who is talking," Clara said. "Hello Bob, I know you are in there."

"Oh shit," Bob said. "Forgot to mention I knew her."

I pick up a discarded gun then walk over the woman with my fingers wrapped around the trigger.

"I have murdered people like you before," I said, making all kinds of metal float behind me prepared to be used on the target. "I do not share mercy."

"Let time be frozen except for those who are not me!" Clara said, with a hand out stretched.

I can't move my fingers.

"I know your past and I know how you work," Clara said. "I am just borrowing your body."

"You can't do that," I said.

"Loki gave me everything," Clara said. "Thinking I was dying. He gave me his immortality and powers. It took me awhile but I  have become skilled in controlling my new founded powers." A smile spreads across Clara's face. "Making Thor be eternally trapped as a steel statue was profoundly easy. Thor honestly wanted me to restore his brother's memories and give back what Loki had given away."

I can recall the news channel when it was just breaking news for five minutes that helicopters were seen towing a large square box out of the mountains imprinted with the Avenger's symbol. Five minutes. That is all the time they had given to his problem and here I thought Thor had been killed off by Clara.

The gun breaks apart in my hands like a toy.

"So I can do anything I want, Sweety," Clara said. "You will speak like me and act like me. Though for some moments you will be in control but not completely."

"You....You just....You are...." I said.

"A mastermind, that I am,"  Clara finishes.

"A killer," I said. "You  technically killed Thor!"

"Hah," Clara said. "Not like anyone is going to miss him."

I feel fury.

"You honestly do not know Jane Foster," I said.

"Oh," Clara said. "I may have...Erm...Cursed her for meddling in business that is not hers to interfere."

My face became pale.

"You...Did the same to her?" I said, in horror.

"I made her invisible," Clara said. "And immortal. Thor is not aware time as passed. He is not awake. Yet he is  somewhat alive.  Wen Thor came to me; it occurred to me that I can amend what I had broken."

"That is not fair," I said. "You tore everyone's lives apart."

Clara laughs.

"Nothing is fair, Sweet Heart," Clara said.

"You will pay for it," I said. "Mark my words."

"What is fair is giving Loki's entire memory back," Clara said. "That is what we both want; am I right?"

"Please," I said, feeling tears come down. "Don't."

I honestly didn't want to be pinned against Loki.

Clara smiles.

"One kiss can undo my mistake," Clara said. "One kiss," She waves her hands and began speaking in a witch casting a spell kind of voice. "Let this be known," I wanted to move but I cannot while watching streaks of blue fall out of her finger tips. "Let I be Joy Salamanders, resident of Midgard. Until I have kissed Loki. Until such time has come she will not be herself but me!"

I see tints of blue vibrating off my skin flaring towards Clara.

"What power I have is now hers," Clara goes on. "What power Joy Salamanders had before is now mine."

"His name is Thomas Crane!" I shout. "And I have no power!"

"This is for the best," Clara said. "I will get us closer and then plant the kiss."

Orange fire like magic flew off Clara's skin towards me and my blue flare went towards her.

"Let it be known to us!" Clara shouts. "Let time be unfrozen!"

"No!" I shout.

I watch my body be thrown a great distance away. My stomach burns. No, no, no.  I wanted to go after Loki but my body refused to go his direction. I fell to my side with my wrists on the floor. Burning tears fell to the floor making a small pool. A thunder of feet surround me holding guns. By that time the sky had become dark, incredibly dark.  I saw a familiar face join the circle of men in armor and protective suits.

"Hello Miss Carls," Flot said. "Did it go as you planned."

"You...You were part of this?" I ask.

"Right as we planned," Flot said, with a smile.  "Hello Miss Salamanders, it is nice to be in your company." Flot turns his head towards someone beside him. "Knock her out."

The last thing I saw was a boot.

The last I thought; Loki.

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