Falling for a Criminal (Loki Fan Fic)

It has been two years since awakening in Asgard, helping a criminal (being Loki) escape, and making a mistake bigger than helping that criminal. Thanks to that mistake Joy has been living with armbands of steel, an entity who speaks to her through mind, and two powers. The first power is telekinesis; able to move objects and people at will. Second power; make machinery explode at will. Loki pops up again after 2 years. And Joy might be falling for a criminal. It's a-okay long as he is immortal and such.
Curious now? Then read it.
Sequel to 'Awaken in Asgard'. Book 2 of 2.


17. Joy, what is your name?

"Joy," Loki said. "What is your name?"

Joy snores.

"Joooyyy," Loki said, finding it odd that she is not sleep talking.

Joy, often, did snore in her sleep.

"This is strange," Loki said.

Loki gets out of bed then goes to the bathroom.

His toes pat on the rather clean tiles. They feel cold to the touch/He open the mirror up to see several medicine capsules with their own labels.  Loki picks up the orange capsule light shaking the pills over to his view. The prescription reads 'Joy Salamanders' below that read 'Sleep talking disorder' and beside it read ' Take by mouth before rest'.

"Aw there goes my chance," Loki said, putting the capsule way back into the cabinet.

Loki shuts the mirror.

But when he did, Joy appeared to his right.

"Joy!" Loki said, startled. "You scared me."

"Oh?" Joy said. "Didn't mean to."

Loki sighs.

"What woke you up, Salamanders?" Loki asks.

"Someone left a dirty sock in bed," Joy said.

"I didn't leave a--," Loki looks down. His look of disbelief turns into a 'oh, I did' facial reaction. "...Dirty sock."

Joy folds her arms.

"Why are you digging into the medicine cabinet?" Joy asks.

Damn, Joy looks cute, Loki thought, Why does she look attractive whenever she is mad?

"You were not responding in your sleep," Loki said. "I have a right to know what is going on with that."

Joy smiles.

"It takes care of my problem," Joy said. "You have to remember my real name and I won't tell you it."

"You answered my question a few nights ago," Loki said. "While asleep."

"What question?" Joy asks, puzzled.

"The slip up," Loki said.

"Oh, that," Joy lightly laughs.

"When we were in the store...Did you feel...Anything?" Loki asks, coming closer to Joy.  "Like some kind of chemistry between us?"

"I am going to bed," Joy said, with one eye shut and one eye open. "I do not take sexual advances when I am half awake."

Joy turns away walking back towards the bed.

Did she just bluntly say that?, Loki thought, of all the other words she uses in place of it.

"Crane," Joy said. "I am not putting on that dirty sock!"

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