Falling for a Criminal (Loki Fan Fic)

It has been two years since awakening in Asgard, helping a criminal (being Loki) escape, and making a mistake bigger than helping that criminal. Thanks to that mistake Joy has been living with armbands of steel, an entity who speaks to her through mind, and two powers. The first power is telekinesis; able to move objects and people at will. Second power; make machinery explode at will. Loki pops up again after 2 years. And Joy might be falling for a criminal. It's a-okay long as he is immortal and such.
Curious now? Then read it.
Sequel to 'Awaken in Asgard'. Book 2 of 2.


29. Heimdall

"Yes, Prince Loki?"  Heimdall asks, standing guard at the gate to the Bifrost.

A horse is by Loki's side nudging him at the shoulder.

"I want you to have an eye out for Joy," Loki said, brushing off the horse. "If she appears on Midgard I want to be alerted."

Heimdall is puzzled.

"Joy?" Heimdall said.

Loki nods.

"Yes,Joy," Loki said.

"I suppose this is a woman you have lost," Heimdall said.

"Not lost," Loki said, in a low voice. "Missing."

"What does she look like?" Heimdall asks.

Loki summons a projection of Joy.

"Last time I saw her," Loki said. "That is how she appeared."

"You will be informed when I see her, Prince Loki," Heimdall said.

Our scene transitions to outside of Loki's chambers  probably a couple hours after the conversation with Heimdall. Loki is at a balcony leaning over with his elbows on the rock holding the small bracelet that has a clipped open locket. The pictures inside is two sketches; one of Loki as 'Mr Crane' and the other of Joy Salamanders. Both of which were well done.

Loki sighs looking up towards the sun set.

"Never been so far away," Loki said.

I have to find out her real name, Loki thought, If Joy's perception on me is to change. Three words came into his mind: the cell guards.  A smile spreads on Loki's face. The answer has been He has the answer right in his hands.

Loki sure does miss Joy.

Little did Loki know; Joy is out there, somewhere, looking at a recent picture of him.

As himself.

The End.

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