Falling for a Criminal (Loki Fan Fic)

It has been two years since awakening in Asgard, helping a criminal (being Loki) escape, and making a mistake bigger than helping that criminal. Thanks to that mistake Joy has been living with armbands of steel, an entity who speaks to her through mind, and two powers. The first power is telekinesis; able to move objects and people at will. Second power; make machinery explode at will. Loki pops up again after 2 years. And Joy might be falling for a criminal. It's a-okay long as he is immortal and such.
Curious now? Then read it.
Sequel to 'Awaken in Asgard'. Book 2 of 2.


12. Can you feel the feels tonight?

...July 4th...2015..


The next time I came across Loki, he was...Different. Well how different do you define a man who didn't have a clue what aliens is to that same guy randomly popping up on screen in a airing of Good Morning America arguing that aliens are gray not green.  I came across Loki on television flicking the channels randomly.

"Loki in New York City?" I said. "Stereotypical."


I walk to the door with only a over sized sweat shirt on that more acts like a dress.

Plus side; the sleeves go down to the fingers.

Yes, they are really long.

Knock,knock, knock!

"I am coming!" I shout.

I am in Montana to film some scenes for a new installment to the Eragon installment as a dragon rider.

Hence why I am in Montanna not New Jersey.

Some one else is taking security guard duty for me until I get back.

I open the door.

"Hello?" I ask, leaning against the door to see a woman eerily femilier.

"Have you seen Thor?"

"Awhile ago," I said. "Too long."

"When was it?" The woman ask.

"A couple weeks ago," I said.

"Did he say anything about where he is going?" The woman asks.

"Clara Carls," I said.

The woman froze.

"Her?" The woman finally said.

"Yeah," I said. "Thor went after Clara."

"Why?" The woman said.

"Clara is the reason why his brother lost his immortality and memories," I explain.

"Figures," The woman said.

I raise a brow.

"Who are you?" I ask.

"Sorry for not introducing myself at first," The woman said, holding her hand out. "Jane,Jane Foster."

I shake her hand lowering my brow with a smile.

"Joy Salamanders," I said, shaking Jane's hand.

"Glad to meet you face to face," Jane said. "Nice to put a name to your face."

"How did you find me?" I said, ending the handshake.

"A lot of loopholes," Jane said. "You were the last person to speak with Thor much as everyone is aware."

I blink.

"A god like Thor wouldn't go under the radar so easily," I said.

"Clara is a different story," Jane said. "She can not be found so easily. Looks like I go under the radar to find him...Or whenever there's a bad thunderstorm being reported in Europe."

"Good luck, Jane Foster," I said.

"Only people from Asgard call me by my full name,"

I meekly shrug.

"It is catchy," I said. "Like PBJ."

Jane laughs.

"Thank you," Jane said. "I know where to start my research."

Jane left so I closed the door.

_________                                                                     _____________________

...July 9th...2015..


"Miss Salamanders?" My agent,Chris Howell, said.

"I am braiding my hair up for my character," I said. "I am busy here."

Howell clears his throat.

"We have a man saying you are his emergency contact," Howell said.

I sigh, twirling my wig's hair into beads.

"I can take care of it after I braid my hair and film my first scene," I said.

"You do not understand," Chris said. "Production has stopped and you are to attend."

 I take off the wig turning towards Howell.

"What the hell is going on, Chris?" I ask, putting the wig on the table.

"Serious business," Howell said.

I sigh rolling an eye.

"Who?" I ask.

"Thomas Crane," Howell said.

"Damn you, Loki," I mutter turning away clipping off what decoration I had put on.

"His name is Thomas," Howell said.

"Well," I said. "Force of habit."

"Do you want to know where he is?" Howell asks.

"Yes," I said.

"Top secret," Howell said. "You have to see it."

"Chris," I said, turning away from the mirror using a towel to clean my face off. "You know how I fair with secret keepers."

I drop the towel on the counter.

Howell came over holding something behind him.

"I am sorry but this has to happen," Howell apologizes, taking out something from behind his back.

"Wha--" I start  to say but then he applied something on my mouth picking me up and I struggled.

Then came a pain on my head.

I awake in a limo feeling drowsy and my head pounding. I notice I am not in costume but in my favorite short sleeved purple shirt, long jeans,and shoes without laces. Woah, Howell did this to me while I was out? I straighten myself seeing lights faintly coming through the window. I try to get up using my hands but they are bound.

"What the hell?" I said.

"Good to hear you are awake, Miss Salamanders,"  The Limo driver said. "You will be at your destination shortly."

"Was I just taken against my will?" I ask.

"Well, you were a little on a hangover over when Mr Howell dumped you in," The Limo driver said.

My hands roll up against my palm turning into a fist.

"Choloroform," I said, in anger.

"You have been out for a few hours," The Limo driver said. "Calm down and  enjoy the ride."

"The hell will I not!" I said, attempting to prop myself up.

But failed and landed on the floor board.

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