On Dragonwings

Alyss has dreamed of dragons her entire life but now she has to choose her career but doesn't want to. She thinks she will be miserable for the rest of her life. When something marvelous happens.


5. Welcome


I smiled at the young girl as I took her outside. "What is your name young one?"

"Alyss, My Lady." She is so frail, yet strong, somehow. 

"Alyss, your people believe that there are hundreds of us." I paused. 

"Aren't there?" I smiled somewhat.

"No. There is just me and now you. There was Thrane, but his dragon died in battle." She frowned at the news. I sped up, walking faster than a human should. Alyss struggled to keep up with me, almost running. 

"How do you walk so fast?" She asked, still running.

"My connection with Sash gives me extra abilities no human can do. You will connect with your dragon soon enough, and you too will have these abilities."

"What if I don't connect with the Dragon?"

"You will, I can feel it." We rounded the last corner and went outside. Sash towered over us all, even the other dragon. "Behold, my dragon, Sash." Alyss stuttered in a breath as Sash lowered her giant head. I then led Alyss to the other, smaller dragon. "This is your dragon." 

"What do I do?" She asked, I shrugged and got onto Sash. She hesitated than lifted her hand to the beast, it lowered its head and smelt Alyss. I felt there connection almost immediately in the air. Alyss crouched down and jumped up onto her dragon - we were off. The dragons started to flap their wings, it sounded like thunder. 

The people from the city came out to see us off. Eyes wide, some bowed some cowered, but they all gaped at us.

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