On Dragonwings

Alyss has dreamed of dragons her entire life but now she has to choose her career but doesn't want to. She thinks she will be miserable for the rest of her life. When something marvelous happens.


3. The Time Has Come


"The dragon has come of age!" I yelled, a cheer arose from the crowd. My dragon roared behind me, making the crowd step back in fear. I looked back and smiled, she shook her head - making her scales glimmer. 

"Who is the candidate?" Someone yelled. I looked back, still smiling. My smile turned into a frown after seeing who it was. Thrane looked at me - arms crossed, a large creepy smile painted across his face. There were nods among the people, agreeing with him - wanting to know who the candidate is.

"Ok, ok! We found a young girl in the city of Riverland. I will go with the dragon to the city and bring her back." Another cheer rose and fell.  

What about the other people in the city?  my dragon asked. 

I do not know, Sash. I turned away from the people and back into the stone castle. Sash flew around the castle and in through the skylight, making the air vibrate with the thumping of her wings. 

"Lady Tilm, what a glorious announcement. I am so very excited to mentor the new dragon rider." Thrane walked into the room, Sash growled - a menacing sound deep within her throat.

"You will not be mentoring the new dragon rider, I will." I walked around to face Thrane. He is a head taller than me, but he doesn't have a dragon and I do. Sash flowed me across the room, bering her teeth - Thrane flinched back. "Do you know the first thing to teach a dragon rider?" He flinched back even more.

"Do you?" He straightened back up.

Sash ripped through Thrane's mind yelling, Do you dare defy us? You are nothing without our guidance!  He fell to the ground in pain as Sash ripped back out.

 "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" He yelled, almost crying. I turned my back to him, heading towered Sash. She crouched down to let me on her back - I ran onto her front paw and jumped into the saddle. I heard Thrane mutter something rash under his breath while he got up off the ground.

"You should learn not to upset a dragon, they do not forgive easily." Sash nodded in agreement. Thrane moved out of the room, limping. 

He will be back. He always comes back.  Sash said, flapping her wings. 

​I agree, though he may be more hesitant this next time.  We came out of the skylight, facing the north. The sun warmed up my body and Sash's, she let out a pleasant hum of joy. I tightened my knees, holding myself tighter to Sash's back. I let go of the saddle with my hands, holding on only by my legs.  To the youngling?

To the youngling.  We flew over the city, high in the clouds - peering down upon the people. 

We came to a cave high in the mountains. Squawking emanated from inside, getting louder as we flew in, turning into a roar.  It is time.  Sash roared in agreement, making the youngling cower back in fear.

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