On Dragonwings

Alyss has dreamed of dragons her entire life but now she has to choose her career but doesn't want to. She thinks she will be miserable for the rest of her life. When something marvelous happens.


2. The Choosing

"Alyss! Get down here now! It's time to go to your choosing ceremony. We need to leave now!" my mother yelled.
I dropped my pen and closed the diary.  Well it's time to face problem number two I thought to myself.  I'll just have to see where this leads me.  I walked down the steps slowly, doing anything to buy myself a little extra time.  Whether or not my parents thought I was ready to choose, I knew I wasn't.  In my heart I knew that that was the only fact that mattered.
I heard my mother leave the house and hurried to catch up with her.  She may contain a great deal of patience bust she would not appreciate waiting a long time for me.  In any event, I still had the walk to the City Hall to consider my future, even if it wasn't a long one.
When I got outside, my mother asked, "So, are you ready to go?"
"As ready as I'll ever be," I replied quietly.
As we walked down the street, my mother began the conversation I knew she would and I dreaded to think of what reaction my answers would cause.
"So," she asked me. "Are you excited?"
I decided that the shorter my answers were, the better things were likely to turn out and replied, "Not really."
"Are you nervous then?" She asked.
Again I replied, "Not really."
She looked displeased with my answers and we walked on in silence for a while.
Finally she asked me the question I dreaded since I first woke up this morning.  "What career are you going to pick?"
To this question I had no answer.  Instead of answering, I looked up at the sky wishing that my dragon would come now and carry me away from the city, carry me to freedom.  I knew this was not to be though for there was not a dragon in sight.
"Well?" my mother said, demanding an answer.
I sighed and said, "I don't know."
My mother stopped and stared at me in surprise. "How can you not know? You had eighteen years to discover a career that you liked.  Did you spend none of it trying to discover how you would like to spend your life?"
I turned and looked her in the eyes.  "I know how I want to spend my life but that way is not open to me any longer.  I am being forced to choose from things I already know I will not be happy doing and before I'm ready."
I turned again and walked on, paying no more mind to my mother.  We were both silent until we reached City Hall.  Once there I was told to go to the rear entrance and wait until Governor Tapascalli let me in.  The waiting was not hard. I could have waited for a million years, but all too soon the governor came.
The door opened and Governor Tapascalli said, "It's time, Alyss.  I hope you choose what is truly in your heart.
My feet felt like blocks of lead as I stood and walked into City Hall.  However, I did not find myself behind the large stage in the hall as I expected but in a small room with a hospital-like bed.
I turned to the governor and asked, " What's going on? I thought I was supposed to be on the stage to choose my career. "
The governor laughed and said, "And so you will be after we put you through the f dream state to see what you really want.  We do this to each n person when they come of age. It is from the dream state that we generate a list of possible careers for each person to choose from. Now just lay down and relax. This will all be over soon."
I did as he asked and then he gave me a shot.  After that all I saw was dragons.  They were all different colors and sizes. To me the sight was beautiful. I also felt that it ended far too soon for after I saw that, I woke up again.
Governor Tapascalli was standing over me when I again became aware of my surroundings. He helped me to my feet and handed me a folded sheet of paper. "These are your results," he said. "Look over them and choose one quickly."
I unfolded the paper only to find it blank.  I turned to the governor and said, "There is nothing on this paper."
He snatched it away from me and stated at it for a fill minute. Then he said, "go out there and pick a career." 
"But what do I pick from?"
"Pick from any of them, but you must pick one," he said and have me a push toward the door.
I walked through the door to find myself backstage behind the curtains.  I could hear voices on the other side of the curtain and knew that those people were waiting for one thing and one thing only.  So I did the one thing I could do.  I plucked up my courage and walked through the curtains.  The entire of City Hall was filled with every adult in Riverland.  On the stage was a single podium for me to stand at and make a short speech and announce my choice.  I took a deep breath and walked up to the podium.  The room immediately quieted.
"Well," I said. "I...." I stopped everyone in the hall heard it.  It was a deep resounding thud of air being forced downward. It was a sound I had hoped to hear for years. I walked over to the window at the side of the stage and looked out.  There landing on the lawn outside City Hall were two enormous dragons.

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