On Dragonwings

Alyss has dreamed of dragons her entire life but now she has to choose her career but doesn't want to. She thinks she will be miserable for the rest of her life. When something marvelous happens.


1. A Broken Dream



All my life I've dreamed of riding a dragon.  Even knowing that I probably would never get the chance didn't stop those dreams.  Each morning I woke up thinking of dragons and every night I would go to sleep thinking about dragons.  I would stare up at the sky for hours every single day in the hope of seeing one.  Even when others told me I was silly, I still dreamed of the dragons I longed for.
I turn eighteen today and I've been told that I absolutely must give up my dreams now. I still believe that one day a dragon and rider will come for me.  The only downfall of this hope is that not a single dragon has been seen since the day I turned two.  Still I know that my dragon will come soon.  
I have been dreading today for an entire year.  On the day of their eighteenth birthday, each person has to choose a career to devote the rest of their life to.  I have not put any thought into what career I will choose.  Instead I held onto the hope that I would be taken by a dragon.  Now I must choose in less than a day the way that I will be spending the rest of my life.  I don't think there is a single career in the lovely city of Riverland for me.  The only thing I have ever been interested in is dragons, and now my only dream is being taken away from me.  Unfortunately there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop it.  I can't run away.  A fifty foot high fence surrounds the entire city and is constantly patrolled by guards.  It was supposed to be a safety measure but now it has made the city a prison from which there is no escape.  I am trapped in more ways than one.  If I had more time I could probably have found a way out of this impossible situation, but the point is I don't.  So I have decided to write out my problems in this diary.  So here it goes.
Problem 1: My dream of dragons hasn't come true yet.
Solution: None.
Problem 2: I have no career to choose.
Solution: Choose one at random and suffer for the rest of my life.
Problem 3: I'm sure my parents hate me for my longing for dragons.
Solution: Run away.
Problem 4: I can't run away.
Solution: Resign to rotting away in my room. In other words, none.
Problem 5: I don't like any of the solutions.
Solution: None.
So, five problems with either no solution or a soluton that isn't favorable doesn't seem too bad.  Well to me they are.  It sort of makes me wonder if anyone else has ever faced my dilemma.  I wish I were still a little girl.  Back then I only had small problems. Now I am lost in all of my problems and there is no solution for that.  Not for me anyway.

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