love war

A girl named rem who is im gryffindor with ginny realises her love for harry potter.she is determined to get him even if it means hurting her best friend ginny.then after harry falls ib love with rem but he still loves ginny.who will he choose?


2. Step one

I walked to the great hall and arrived at 7:50 5 minutes before me and ginny useually got there and she would be delayed 5 minutes by my fake note saying"went to headmasters office to talk c u later. So i went and sat by harry and that morning ginny had to sit on the other side of ron  3 seats from harry and we laughrled and harry told me a joke and as i laughed a rolled my head on his shoulder and he pushed my head away playfully while laughing then stared into my eyes for a couple seconds till hermione got hisbattention and ginnys face was red she grabbed harry drug him out if his seat and elled at him.probably for flirting with me.step one done

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