love war

A girl named rem who is im gryffindor with ginny realises her love for harry potter.she is determined to get him even if it means hurting her best friend ginny.then after harry falls ib love with rem but he still loves ginny.who will he choose?


4. step 3 day.ever..hermione went and talked to harry saying i want to meet him in moaning myrtles bathroom so he came and here is how it was "hi harry"lhi rem""can i tell u something""anything rem"he said smiling looking into my eyes as we sat on the fountain."i love u Nand i think u and me should date""dont spring this on me rem"he said standing up"please harry""i love u too i have since last year its just that i dont want to ruin your and ginnys best friendship because of me,but i would rater date u than her i think your black hair is so bouncy i watch u walk to class but i dont want to hurt ginny for u""harry i love u so much i would rather ginny be mad at me and our friendship be ruined than me not dating u..""i will break up with her"harry said then out of the blue he stood up grabed my waist and pulled me into an magical first kiss will always be remembered. All i remembered is me taking of his cloak,tie,and shirt and us pulling eaxhother into hugs and embraces and soo many moans and fucks"about 3 hours later he got dressed agin and we walked out holding hands our fingers elaced and walking towars ginny "stay here he said tucking my hair behind my ear"my god,how i love your hair he said sroking it.then he kissed me.i sighed"be safe""i will"i watched him walk up to ginny ginny scream pull her wand out so did harry she just dropped her hand and she ran away tears streaming down her face.accomplished.i 

Have harry.

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