love war

A girl named rem who is im gryffindor with ginny realises her love for harry potter.she is determined to get him even if it means hurting her best friend ginny.then after harry falls ib love with rem but he still loves ginny.who will he choose?


3. Step 2

Later that day ginny ingnored me until that night when she said"im sorry i know u were not trying to steal harry from me,and he wasnt trying to flirt with u""its ok"i said that morning me and ginny walked down to rhe great hall and she sat by harry this time and i sat across from him and said hi harry as i stared into his dreamy.todays plan was to make small talk this morning and let it increase throughout the day.i started with saying "coukd i pour u some pumpkin juice harry""sure,rem""here u go""thanks"he said staring into my eyes.then on my way to potions harry walked up to me and invited me to the weasley twins suprise birthday hewas throwing i said yes and we talked and made fun of snape all the way to potions and after too.then at studyhall hermione said"rem may i speak to u,alone""sure"she pulled me in the corner of the library and said"rem,stop flirting with harry,ginny loves him."before i could defend myself she said"your my friend and all with your long wavy black hair to your blue eyes you can get a boy in no time,but please stop flirting th harry""hermione,do u think me and him would be a better couple than him and ginny"without looking at me she said yes "but i think u should just stop flirtng with him still rem""please hermione,help me get him if ginny hates us and she finds out i will tell her u had nothing to do with it and i know im risking my friendship with ginny but i dont care,im doing it so i can get harry,even if i have to kill her.""fine" so me and hermione formed step 3 getting me and harry alone. :)

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