love war

A girl named rem who is im gryffindor with ginny realises her love for harry potter.she is determined to get him even if it means hurting her best friend ginny.then after harry falls ib love with rem but he still loves ginny.who will he choose?


5. me and harry <3

That evening when ginny came in she screamed how dare u at me with lavender.ron came in with hermione and we all sat down harrys arm around my neck and me leaning into his side."ron lease dont be mad at me harry said."of course mate""i dont think u should have been dating my sister anyways,and i think u and rem r a better couple"harry looked at me a leaned in and kissed his cheek he kissed my forhead.before bed he kissex me infront of the fireplace be safe he said "always" i said

Authors note:get it "Always? :)


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