love war

A girl named rem who is im gryffindor with ginny realises her love for harry potter.she is determined to get him even if it means hurting her best friend ginny.then after harry falls ib love with rem but he still loves ginny.who will he choose?


1. Him

I,rem walked into the great hall with my best friend ginny as fifth years and we walked over to the gryffindor table and sat down next to hermione ron and harry.harry i noticed something about him was it his hair?,his face?i couldnt put my finger on it.but he was hot.him and ginny kissed slightly and held hands under the table i seemed jealous!i never liked harry in that way before.i figured it would blow off tomarow but when i woke up and me and ginny walked to the great hall and i saw Him.he was irresistible yesterday he was hot today.irresistible.i then decided i would do get him even if i had to hurt best friend.

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