Chasing The Devil.

Chloe seems like your everyday teen, but for the past month she's been having horrendous nightmares about things she can seem to figure out. When she is told she is not human she has no idea what to do or to say to her parents or friends, she feels all alone. The supernatural beings she meets along the way tell her about her kind and about her and how the devil has stolen her memories. She is forced to reach deep inside of herself to find the courage to go on a suicide mission to find the devil himself and to take back what is hers.


1. Moving house.

Sitting on the porch with the wind blowing on my face, laughter all around me, seemed like something of the past. Now all I live in is a bunch of nightmares, the repetitive type. Each time I have that one nightmare it gets more frightening than the one before. But the worst part is that it seems so real.


I haven't had a good night sleep in two whole months, each night it's the same dream. Each morning it's the same, waking up in a cold sweat feeling as tired as ever. My parents have asked me and asked me what's going on, but I just can't tell them. They got me to take sleep medication but nothing works.


I just can't bring myself to tell them the things I imagine.

I sat at the dinner table. The usual worried faces of my parents staring at me as I slowly eat my dinner. I look up into my Mothers worried eyes, she no longer bothers to ask what's wrong, she knows I would never tell her. 
My Dad cleared his throat, "So Chloe, your Sixteenth birthday is coming up soon, do you know what you would like?"
"I don't really know", I mumble.
After a few silent minutes my Mum spoke up, "Well, Dad got a new job."
I looked up, I knew what this meant. Of course, guess we will have to move house again and I'll probably have to move schools as well. I am not in the mood to be the new girl again. The stares, the whispers, the awkward introducing conversation and worse of all the not knowing where everything is and sitting like a loner in the cafeteria. I could imagine it all. 
"So moving as well?", I asked.
"It won't be that bad Clo", Dad said as he gets up to took my plate and put it on the bench.
"Yeah", I mumble as I turn and walk down the hallway to my room. When I get there I slump on my bed and grab my phone. 
I have lots of explaining to do, otherwise my friends will freak.
My door creaks, I look up and Mums in the door way.
"Look Chloe, start packing all your stuff we are moving on Monday. And your starting school on Tuesday. Just so you can sort out your things and get comfy. Don't stay up too late alright?"
"Yeah alright Mum", I mumble, "Love you".

After I pack up all my stuff, I hopped into bed. I look at the time; 10.30. Well I guess it's time to face the fear I have been waiting for.





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