Age of Shadows: A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

A short story about a girl on an adventure to save the world with only her powers of Hades; Will she turn back or go forth?


1. The Darkness

The man cackles evilly as he watches a young girl fail on her quest to stop him. He knows that she will die in the process, not even completing it.

The girl stumbles, then drops to her knees, blood leaking out of a hole in her chest. The sword that delivered the final blow is lying next to her.

Suddenly, she starts to glow, rising up in the air encased in a glowing bubble. The man gasps. "What is this?! You said she would die!" He screams, banging on the table.

He looks to a boy, one that will become very familiar soon. "You said she would DIE!" He yells angrily, his eyes gleaming with rage.

The boy shudders slightly, seeing his fate if he did not succeed. "I will make sure she dies, sir. I will make sure of it." The man nods, then smiles wickedly. "If you don't... I need a new pet..."

The boy gulps nervously. "I will not fail you master." He bows his head, then backs out.

The man scowls at the image of the girl. "I will kill her."

"Andrea Blake, Daughter of Hades, will be no more."

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