I Survived The Train-Tanic and All I Got Was this Stupid FanFic written about me

Percy, Annabeth, and Grover tell everyone in Camp Half-Blood about their adventures on the doomed Train-Tanic.


1. I Survived The Train-Tanic and All I Got Was this Stupid FanFic written about me

"Well, it's safe to say that we're finally done with adventures for a while," said Percy as he, Annabeth, and Grover stepped off the bus and walked towards the camp. They had recently survived a near-disastrous trip upon the infamous Traintanic and since then, all three of them developed an unnatural fear of trains.

Thalia and Luke approached them, saying, "What happened to you guys?"

"You won't believe us even if we told you," said Annabeth.

"I heard you guys were on a train that sank into the lake," said Luke. "How dare you not invite me! And I thought you were my favorite cousins!"

"Well, sorry if we were too busy having fun to send you a postcard," said Percy. "Anyway, here's how our adventures on the Traintanic went..."

"We met Jacquelyn on the boat, and she had a game called Cards Against Humanity." said Grover. "Katniss, Gale, and Peeta joined us and we started playing."

"Then we met an old Hobbit, who told us his story about the time he hooked up with a dwarf king," said Annabeth.

"Which went on throughout the entire story," said Percy.

"Don't forget, Clary, Simon, and Isabelle were also with us," said Annabeth.

"And about the story?" said Thalia.

"You won't believe it, but the Prankers of Middle Earth pranked us to death," said Grover.

"And don't forget about the Nowayfish," said Percy.

"What Nowayfish?" said Thalia.

In response, Annabeth pulled out her phone and showed them the video of when the kids had first caught the Nowayfish. Luke roared with laughter, but Thalia was horrified. "How could you laugh at those poor guys?" she snarled at Luke. "They were scared of that fish. Fish don't have teeth!"

"Uh, the Nowayfish does," said Percy.

"And don't even get me started on that one scene when Percy and Jacquelyn saw those other kids," said Grover.

Annabeth said, "And I filmed that girlfight between Katniss and that other girl."

"And Katniss said, you blocked me on Facebook, and now you're going to die," said Grover in a mock imitation of Katniss.

"And we got thrown out of the swimming pool, rode down a huge waterslide in a barrel, and Jacquelyn found out what had happened to her in that one story," said Percy.

"What happened to her in that one story?" said Thalia as Luke ran a finger across his throat.

"We'll explain later," said Annabeth.

"Then we had to apologize to the Nowayfish, which meant that we had to feed them carrot cake," said Percy.

"And there there was a wedding, which got canceled because the Traintanic hit a sandberg and sank to the middle of Long Lake," said Annabeth.

"We nearly drowned," said Grover.

"And the Nowayfish saved our lives," said Annabeth. "Can't forget about that."

"Sounds like an interesting vacation," said Luke.

"Worse vacation ever!" said Percy. "And how and why someone made this into a story I'll never know."

"And someone dies in the end," said Annabeth.

"So, who's the boring unimaginative person who wrote our story anyway?" said Grover.

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