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3. You and Zayn's Son

This one is for leopardlover

Thanks for your request! :)

Can u make an imagine of a girl and Zayn and things are always getting heated.�� and one day they get married and after a while of being married and "having fun" they have a boy named Dallas? 

You and Zayn's Son

"Hey baby," he whispered in your ear as he wrapped his arms around your middle, his chin resting on your shoulder. You smiled, placing your hands over his as the pair of you began to sway back and forth, gazing into the dark room. 

You turned your head towards him, kissing his temple, before turning back to watch your sleeping son. "Isn't he perfect?" You bit your lip as you realized just how perfect your life was. You had it all, the loving husband, an adorable child, and amazing friends.

"He looks just like his mother," he said, kissing your jaw.

You quietly giggled at the complement, thanking the darkness for hiding your blushing cheeks. 

"Come on, we're going to be late." You reluctantly pulled away from him, closing the door to Dallas's room behind you. "I'm going to go get dressed, then we can go. Text the boys and tell them we're just waiting for the babysitter to show up, yeah."

"Will do." Zayn gave you a kiss on the lips, his hands on your waist. It was meant to be quick, but it turned into something more. Your kisses had a way of doing this, that's how you ended up with a surprise son. You were happy to have him, you just hadn't been expecting it.

Zayn guided you to the bed, gently laying you down, never breaking the kiss. One of his hands traveled down your side, trailing down your thigh, pulling your leg up so that it wrapped around his waist. One of your hands moved to the back of his neck, pulling him closer to you, deepening the already steamy kiss. Your other hand hooked in the waistband of his jeans.

Just then, the doorbell rang. 

"Damn it..." Zayn muttered under his breath. You chuckled slightly, sitting up as he pulled away. 

"It's the babysitter. Go answer the door and invite her in, I'll be down in just a few." Your husband placed a swift kiss on your lips before exiting your bedroom, closing the door behind him so you could change. 

You slipped on a form-fitting, black v-neck shirt, slipping on a pair of skinny jeans as well. You then threw your hair up into a ponytail, hooking in a pair of hoop earrings. Slipping on a pair of red pumps, you exited the door, descending the stairs. 

You met your husband in the entry way, your hand slipping through his arm. You gave the babysitter the low-down, telling her that Dallas should sleep the entire time you were gone. You expected to be back by the time you had to feed him, around 1 AM. After being assured that she would be just fine, you and Zayn left the house. 

"I just want to get home and pick up where we left off. Especially with you wearing that outfit." He glanced at you out of the corner of his eye, lust very clearly running through his veins. 

You lightly punched his arm, enjoying the flattery. "Zayn... Just enjoy tonight. We haven't seen the boys in ages!"

He just rolled his eyes but began to smile at the prospect. He and the guys had agreed to take off about 6 months from work to give you and Zayn a chance to spend some time with your newborn son. But since he'd been born, you hadn't really left the house much. Not that you and your husband complained. He helped you lose the baby weight faster. But you knew he missed the guys, and you did two. They were like their brothers. Brothers you hadn't seen since you'd had Dallas three months ago. 

"Where are we meeting them tonight, anyways?" you asked, your natural curiosity resurfacing. 

"Harry's place. We figured we'd just lounge around, you know, catch up. Is that okay?" He glanced at you again before returning his eyes to the road. 

"Of course!" You were glad to just have some time to talk.

Within the hour, you were pulling into the parking lot of Harry's flat. Zayn hopped out of the car, then ran around to your side of the door, opening it for you and holding out a hand to help you out. You accepted it, hopping down, smiling your thanks. Zayn then closed the car door and lead you to the front door, still holding your hand. He knocked on the door, then stepped inside, calling out to his friend. 

"We're in the living room!" Louis called from across the place. 

The two of you made your way over to the boys, sitting down on one of the available couches. He threw his arm around your shoulders casually and you cuddled into him, linking your fingers with his.

"(Y/N)!" the four other boys called out, running towards you and piling on top of you in some weird version of a hug. You just laughed, trying to hug them back with your free arm. 

They pulled away after a few seconds, flopping down on the floor around you guys.

"I missed you guys too," you laughed, seeing their smiling faces.

"It's been way too long," Liam stated, leaning back with his hands behind his head, kicking his feet up on the couch. 

"I agree," you said, Zayn nodding along. 

"How've you guys been? How's Dallas?" Niall asked, sitting up straighter, leaning forward. 

"Good. We've been good. Dallas is good. Tiny, but good." You smiled at Zayn's response, leaning further into him.

"I still can't believe you guys have a kid already!" Louis cried out, laughing.

Harry fixed you and Zayn with a funny expression. "Well with how many times you guys have sex, it was bound to happen!" 

You stuck your tongue out at him, throwing one of your shoes at him. He dove to the side, landing on top of Liam, his arms over his head. You just laughed. "Well it's true!" he cried out. 

You just looked at Zayn, knowing it was true, before all six of you busted out laughing. 

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