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2. You and Niall's Twins

For AshleyWHoran98

Thanks for the request, love! :)

"Can you please make a Imagine about me and Niall getting married and then we have twins a boy and girl. We name the boy after Niall and the Isabella."

You and Niall's Twins

You heard the giggles ring through the flat and you couldn't help but smile at the little voice crying out, "Me next, Daddy! Me next!" Shaking your head, you put the dishes in the dishwasher and walked towards the sounds of the laughing children. 

Leaning against the door frame, your smile grew as you watched your husband thrown your baby girl, Isabella, into the air, catching her as she descended. You let a small chuckle escape your lips as Isabella's twin brother Niall pulled on his dad's pant leg, begging to go next. 

Niall laughed and set down his daughter, picking up his son next and repeating the action of tossing his child in the air and catching him as he began to fall. Watching your son with the largest grin plastered on his face reminded you of just how much he looked like his father. The same piercing blue eyes, the same blonde hair (even though that coloring was from your side of the family). Niall had insisted on styling it towards the sky like his, but you argued that that was a bit much for a two-year-old, so it hung down across his forehead, nearly obstructing his vision. But that's how both the Nialls liked it, so you allowed it. 


All three of them turned to face you, your two boys responding to their name, your girl just turning out of curiosity. "Mommy!" she cried out, running towards you. You crouched down and scooped her up in your arms as you stood, placing her on your hip. Everybody said she looked like you, but every time you looked at her, you could only see your husband. She had his crystal blue eyes, his carefree smile, and his light brown hair. 

You pecked a kiss on her cheek and she turned to do the same to you, causing you to laugh. "Come on you two, it's time for bed."

"Aaaw..." both the Nialls whined in sync. You just rolled your eyes and headed up the stairs and towards the twins' room. You helped Isabella change into her pajamas as Niall did the same for his mini-me, then tucked her in to bed, hearing your husband doing the same. You then left the room to grab Niall's guitar, handing it to him as he settled into his seat in the corner of the room.

You sat on the floor next to him, just watching as he sang to your children. They were out in minutes, just like always, causing Niall to smile. You loved that smile. It was the smile he had reserved for you and your kids. Nobody else got that smile. He placed his hand on the small of your back, following you out of the room. He closed to door quietly, then turned on you, placing a kiss on your lips. You smiled it against his lips, pleased at the surprise. "Come on," he whispered as he grabbed your hand and lead you to your bedroom. 

He set his guitar back on its stand and stripped down to his t-shirt and boxers before crawling into bed. You undressed, pulling on one of his old, faded t-shirts and decided to skip the pants, then crawled into bed next to him, smiling when he pulled you close. 

You rested your head on his chest as his arms wrapped around you, planting a soft kiss on the top of your head. "I love you, (Y/N)."

"Well I should hope so," you replied, looking up at him, "otherwise this would be awkward."

He rolled his eyes at you before silencing you with another kiss to the lips, this one more passionate than the last. His hands found their place at your hips as he pulled you closer and you again smiled into the kiss. 

You pulled away before it could turn into anything too serious though, causing Niall to pull a pouty face.

"Don't give me that look," you chastised, pecking him on the lips, "two two-year-olds is enough for right now. I told you, we'll have more when you're not still touring."

"I can call and cancel..." He waggled his eyebrows suggestively and laughed his carefree laugh as you playfully smacked his chest. "Alright alright, I'll go. But only if you ad the kids come to visit me."

"You know we will." You kissed him again, then settled into his embrace, your eyelids already starting to droop. 

"I love you," he whispered again as you drifted off to sleep. 

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