My Protective Brother

Hi, Im Christa Tomlinson, Yes Louis' younger sister. Im 13, and this is me, my brother and my boyfriends life....


1. Chapter 1

Christas P.O.V

"Louis!!!!" I yelled, my voice booming through the house," I'm going out with Marissa! I'll be back my 18 hundred!!!" Then before you know it, you here the common foot steps of my older brother, Louis. "Where are you two going?" He asked, "To the mall." "Do you have your Phone?" "Yes" 'Do you have your Emergency Cell Phone?" "Yep" "Do you have your Epi pens?" "Yes, and I highly doubt I will be running into any Christmas  Trees, or Pine Trees Lou." "Just making sure Chrissy." He smirked, he knew that was my childhood nickname, and he knew what he was doing. "I am not a baby anymore Lou." I yelled. "Well guess what, your still 13, and I am 18, your still a teen and i am an adult, so guess what, you're still a baby!" I did my puppy face. "Not going to work this time babe, have fun." He said and messed up my hair. I walked out of the house and started walking down the street to Marissa's house, and all of a sudden I heard many screams, what the hells going on? I turn around and see a bunch of screaming girls mobbing my house? I ran to Marissa's and told her the news. "You did say he auditioned for X-Factor right?" She questioned me. "Yeah he did- oh i see where you're getting at, that means I'M GOING TO BE FAMOUS!!" I screamed. "Well Louis.." I corrected myself. "Want me to help you sneak back over there?" She asked. "Sure why not." I sighed.

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