My Rant Book

This is about some crap that I have to get off of my chest


2. Fanfiction




          I will tell you about Fanfiction about boys. The thing if you have 5 saved to read you already know what the all fan fictions are already about you all ready know that the boy is going to get hurt in some type of way and not remember the girl. Then when the boy remembers the girl the girls up getting hurt so like tf in MY Opinion all Fanfiction are alike in my opinion the thing is that I like them but I just know what is going to happen in it already because they are all alike by the way that you write it why can’t you make one up that is not going to have a happy ending like if the girl runs away from her fears or if the boy ends up going to move away then just do that I WANT DIFFERENT FANFICTION I want to see a new generation of fan fiction and everything else on this website. Do something a little different it might be a good thing that you did it will influence other people to do the something you can start a new hipster trend is OUR WORLD THIS WEBSIGHT!

||AN|| If you would like to see me write a Fanfiction comment down below and give me a new topic to rant about in the comments below <3. I am going to get a new laptop because some of the keys on this one don’t work! I will try and update daily if I don’t it is ok I will be so sorry I will make up for all the lost rants in my time I write these daily so I will update as soon as possible! And if you are a fanfic writer I am dearly sorry I had to point it out keep doing what ya doing! ||

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