I'm only human


5. the party

Chapter 5-the party

After trying to convince my aunt about a million times not to go to this party, and about a million times her saying we're going to me, I finally stopped bugging her about it and suffered the fact that we were going to the party.

Since our neighbors were hosting the party we didn't drive and just walked over to the party. Cali brought a casserole cause I guess it's a pot-luck.

My neighborhood is one of those "perfect" neighborhoods were the lawns are manicures and all the people are friendly. It really just makes me sick how nice these people are, when I know that they are half scared of me.

When we got to the party half the neighborhood was already there. A lot of people said hi to my aunt but many of them ignored me. Carol and Larry came over to say hi to us. They were both in there sixties and always were host neighborhood party's.

"We're so glad you could make it!" Carol said with a big smile on her face. She was hugging my aunt.

"Thanks for inviting us," Cali said politely.

"Have you met the new family yet?" Larry asked.

"No we have not." Cali responded.

"Come on, there over here." Carol said waving at us to follow her.

We walked over to the porch were people were sitting, and drinking. Many people were telling Carol and Larry how great the party was, I didn't see the greatness in it. Carol called to a women in her forties standing by a man and a boy who looked my age.

"Rose, I would like you to meet the Browns. This is Cali and her niece Emma." Rose gave a big smile to us.

"Hello, I'm Rose Smiths, my husband Charlie" she gestured to the man standing next to her. "And our son, Jason." The boy, Jason, nodded his head. He was one of those kids that just look like he came from money, button up shirt, expensive jeans, prefect hair. He would fit in this neighborhood nicely.

"Did you move into the green house down the street?" My aunt asked.

"Yes, we did." Charlie answered with a smile. "My work makes me move all over the place."

"What do you do?"

"I work for a phone company as a business man, just selling phones and stuff like that." He answered with a shrug.

"Jason will be going to the public school here in town. Do you go there Emma?" Rose asked me. I was a little surprised to be included in a conversation most adults just ignore me.

"Green Valley Public School?" I asked she nodded. "Yeah I go there."

"What grade are you in?" asked a deep voice, it's was Jason's.

"I'm a sophomore, you?" I asked.

"Same," he smiled a little.

"Great," Rose said with a big grin. "Jason will know somebody at school." She smiled at me, I put on a fake smile and "smiled" back.

"Emma, was going to a movie with her friends tomorrow." Cali said, looking at me. My heat dropped she not going to say what I think she's going to say, is she? "Would Jason like to come?" Damn it. She said it. I looked at Jason, he looked at me. He obviously didn't want go, but I guess his mother thought differently.

"Oh, wonderful. Jason would love to come." Rose said with a grin on her face.

"What time does the movie start,Emma?" My aunt looked at me. She gave me one of those "you-better-answer-me" looks.

"Beth is picking me up at 11:00 then we're going to meet some friends at McDonalds. The movie doesn't start till 1:00." I responded.

"Would your friend also pick up Jason?" Rose asked. I nodded, Beth is like the nicest person ever, even if she doesn't look it.

"Great." Charlie said with a smile. I looked at Jason, it didn't seem great to him.

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