I'm only human


2. morning

Chapter 2-morning

As I wake up from a dreamless sleep, I thank god it's Saturday, even I know God probably has nothing to do with it.

I look out my window, and see the sun high in the sky. Dew made the lawn look as if it had rained. The trees were starting to get real leafs on the because of the nice spring weather. Everything seemed peaceful in the little town of Green Valley, New York.

I dreaded going down stairs because my aunt would for sure ask about the yelling last night and I really don't want to talk about it. So I laid in bed looking at the ceiling, thinking about last night. Ryan was so mad, I guess he had a right. I did cheat on him and I did make out with his best friend. But both times I was a little drunk, both times was after a fight with Ryan and both times I had felt like a worth less pieces of shit.

I looked at my wrist and stared at the scars from the past times I felt like nothing. Sometimes I wish I could tell my aunt about my feelings and crap but I know that it I told her see would send me back into therapy. And I hate my therapist, her name is Dr. Megan Littleton and she is that therapist that ask you every frickin' five minutes if I wanted to talk about something.

I laid there trying not to think about my problems, then I started to think about how I should probably get up. It took about a half an hour to convince myself to get up. I finally sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed.

I didn't bother putting on makeup or messing with my hair because I know my aunt doesn't care what I look like at breakfast. So I walked out of my room still in my pajamas, went down the hall and down the stairs, into the kitchen to find my aunt making waffles.

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