I'm only human


6. Jason and Beth

Chapter 6-Jason and Beth

After the party was done, we walked home with a empty casserole pan. Once we got inside I announced I was going to bed. My aunt told me good night and with in a half an hour I was in the beautiful land of dreams.


The morning sun made me wake from the deep sleep I was in. I blinked, I few times before my eyes adjusted to the bright light.

With in minutes I hear my aunt yelling downstairs to me. "Emma Brown! It's 10:00 you better get up and ready for the movie! Don't forget Beth is coming at 11:00!"

I sighed, my bed was so comfy. I finally sat up, got out of bed and took a shower. I picked out my clothes, ripped jeans with a shirt that said "You Should Be Scared" on it. I did my make-up, black, thick and bold. Bright pink lipstick today. I looked at the time, 10:45. Shit! I have fifteen minutes to eat.

I ran down stairs, to the kitchen, my aunt was sitting at the table reading the newspaper.

"Morning, Sleeping Beauty," she said with a smile. I smiled than went to the cupboard.

"What is for breakfast?" I asked looking through the cupboard.

"There's fruit, cereal, and bagels." She replied. I groaned, nothing sounded good to eat. I grabbed an apple from the table. It was sweet and crisp when I bit into it.

I was almost done with my apple when I heard a car pull up in the driveway and then a honk.

"She's here!" I said with a smile. "Bye," I yelled to my aunt.

"Please don't forget Jason!" She yelled back. Damn, I forgot about him.

"I won't" I said back as I went through the doorway.

Beth is a pretty, tall, skinny girl, and her car is the opposite of her. It's small and ugly, the paint is chipping and rust is all around the bottom of the car. But it's better than nothing, my aunt says if I want a car I'm going to have to pay for it. Like that's gonna happen.

I give her a smile as I get into the car "Hey."

"Morning," she says with a big grin on her face. "Ready?"

I laugh, "Yeah, but there's one thing...."

She gives me a curious look, "What?"

"I told my aunt that I would take the new kid on the block with us to the movie." She groaned.

"Is it a square?" She gave a disguised look.

"A TOTAL square!" I said with an emphasis on the "total".

"Damn you Emma!" She yelled, "Your niceness is TOO nice." Sarcasm heavy in hear voice.

"Can we just pick him up please?" I said with a smirk on my face.

"HIM?!" She said in surprise, "Wait, wait it's a boy?"

"Yeah," I said not see the amazingness in it.

"Why didn't you say so? Is he cute?!" On thing I forgot to mention about Beth is that she is boy crazy.

"Elizabeth.. He's a square." Trying to get her to understand, "They're not like us."

"They can still be cute though." She said with a smirk on her face.

"Can we please just pick him up?"

"Yeah, yeah," she says pulling out of my driveway. "Where does he live?"

"You know where the Mason's use to live," she nodded. "There old house."

"The really fancy green one?" She looked at me.

"That's the one, I told you they were squares." I said with a smirk.

As we pull up to there driveway, we see moving vans and people all round the house.

"Are we suppose to go up there and knock or something?" Beth asked me.

I put a grin on my face, "His mom want him to have friends right?" Beth nodded, she looked at me curiously. "And we don't go up and knock at our friend's house do we?" She shook her head no. "What do we do to show are friends were here?" Beth finally realized what I was getting at, she smirks at me. Then honked the horn loudly. I saw a few movers jump and I laughed. She honked the horn again.

"Think he hear us?" Beth said sarcasm in her voice.

"One more time just to be sure," I said with a laugh and she honked again.

That's when Jason came out of the house, he was wearing a gray t-shirt and expensive jeans. His brown hair was prefect as can be.

"Is that him?" Beth asked in surprise. I nodded. "Damn."

Jason got to the back seat of the car, sitting there awkwardly.

"Jason, Beth, Beth, Jason." I said to them. They smiled at each other awkwardly. Beth started the car and soon we were almost at McDonalds.

"So Jason," Beth was trying to make small talk and she was failing. "How was the move?"

He shrugged, "okay I guess." And he went back to staring out the window.

Beth gave me on of those "what-is-this-guys-deal" looks. I shrugged. I pushed a CD in to the play thinking maybe the music will make this car ride not so awkward. The music was loud and heavy if I said the name of the band no one will no it so I won't bother. As soon the lyrics started me and Beth were singing every word.

I looked in the review mirror and Jason was looking more uncomfortable than before so I turned the music up louder and smiled to myself. This kid, I thought to myself, is such a square.

Before the song was over we were at McDonalds. The music stopped suddenly as Beth shut off the car. As I got out of the car I see some of our friends and I smile, my smile quickly disappears as I see Ryan getting out of his car.

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