The secret admirer

Bella has been getting gifts every morning for the past month. Her best friends luke, Calum and Michael, know exactly who it is...
Luke is bella's secret admirer and, over time has developed strong feelings for her. How will she find out? How will every thing end out?


12. we need a drummer

~~ I was sitting down in the music room with the rest of the boys. It was lunch and all the classes leading up to the amazing break were extremely boring and uneventful. The boys were messing around with the guitars and I was watching them.

After first period I didn't get to thank Luke in person for his sweet message. The other boys dragged him out so they could talk about the gig.

"guys" Michael sighs, stopping everything. Everyone's eyes were on him. "were missing something" he sighs.

"what?" Cal asks putting the bass down.

He looks around and thinks. "We need drums" he answers thoughtfully, looking at the others wide eyed.

"no one is good at drums Mikey." Cal shakes his head.

"i mean, I'm not bad" 

"Michael Clifford, shut up, and just practice with us" Luke sighs and continues to play.

"I'm serious guys, come on, how good would it be if we had the drums" he suggests, not dropping the subject. He looks at the boys and notice that they weren't looking at him, they were looking at me, asking for my opinion. "bella?"

"no don't get me involved" I shake my head and grab my sandwich, taking a bite.

Michael sighs and turns back to the boys "do you guys like the idea?" he asks obviously not going to drop the subject soon.

Luke sighs and stands up "i need a drink, open the door for me when I get back" he walks out the room.

Michael sighs. "bella-" I stand up, knowing he wants me to go and see if he's ok. I walk out the room and see Luke heading to the taps.

"Luke!" i call out to him. He turns around and smiles, waiting for me to catch up with him. i jog until I'm next to him, then we walk together to the taps.

"you ok?" i ask awkwardly.

he laughs quietly. "I'm fine belle" he leans down and drinks some water then wipes his lips with his arm. "how about you?" he smiles.

i shake my head. " I'm perfectly fine"

He smiles and shakes his head. nobody speaking or moving, both of us looking at each other. The conversation beginning to feel a bit awkward. "um.. about the other night" he scratches behind his neck and looks at the ground. He was obviously talking about the other night when we kissed.

"uh... can we talk about that later?" i reply awkwardly. His eyes shoot up to meet mine and he shakes his head.

"i know you, belle, you just want to put it off until i forget" he sighs looking at me. As i stood there just looking at him i noticed how badly he wanted to talk, he looked really desperate. i nodded and looked at him, telling him to talk.

"i don't know what to say" he sighs running a hand threw his hair.

i shake my head and laugh quietly, causing him to look up at me confused. I take his hand and squeeze it, him squeezing it aswell. "we will talk about this ok, just not right now" he looks at me for a minute, emotionless, but eventually nods. "are you sad?"  i question.

He shakes his head and squeezes my hand. "how could i be sad?" he replies sarcastically. i roll my eyes and start walking, pulling him with me.

"wait" he stopped walking, causing me to be yanked back, and almost falling. I glare at him while he laughs at what just happened.

"what?" I ask getting annoyed.

He stopped laughing and wrapped his arms around me. "Awww, don't be mad" he pouts not answering the question. I shake him off, waiting for him to answer me.

He finally answers "When are we going to talk about this?"

"later" I sigh and turn to walk away.

He grabs my arm, turning me back around "when later?"

"tonight?" I suggest.

"we have pratice"

"tomorrow night?" I give another suggestion.


I sigh. "when don't you have pratice?"

"after the gig" he replies seriously. I shrug in reply, I don't know when can we talk about this.

"Luke!" Michael interrupts our conversation. "hurry up, and come back!" he yells from the door.

We walk back quietly not talking about it.

"what took you guys so long?" Cal asks sitting down.

Michael raises his eyebrows and looks between Luke and I

"nothing like that" I reply sitting down and going on my phone.

"Aww, Luke and bella sitting in a tree K-I-S-" he began before Luke punched his arm.

Michael whined and held onto it. "why are you so violent?" he asked jokingly. luke rolled his eyes and picked up a guitar continuing practicing.









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