The secret admirer

Bella has been getting gifts every morning for the past month. Her best friends luke, Calum and Michael, know exactly who it is...
Luke is bella's secret admirer and, over time has developed strong feelings for her. How will she find out? How will every thing end out?


7. The Formal

I waved my mum goodbye and she drove off. I stood alone, waiting for the boys to meet up with me.

"bella!" Cal yells walking towards me, holding hands with his date.

"hey" I reply when he makes his way over to me.

He introduces me to his date, and I introduce myself. She seems nice.

"where's the others?" I ask him.

"there going to be a bit late, but come on" he says as he takes his date to the door. I follow them.

We walk inside, and see everyone dancing to the current hits.

Cal and his date rush to the centre of the room and begin dancing, leaving me all alone. I walk over to were the drinks were and grab some juice. 

As I was drinking someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see Michael.

"where's your date?" I ask

"I don't have one" he pouts

"why not?"

"can we not talk about this" he says annoyed.

I laugh "alright, have you seen luke yet?"

"nope, I think he's coming late" he replies.

"ugh, alright"

"well, you want to dance?" he asks smiling like a dork

"yeah, alright" I smile. he takes my hand, and walks me to were everyone was dancing. He pulls me closer as we swayed to the music.

We danced for about 10 minutes, and occasionally talked about random things.

"whats the time?" I ask him.

he checks his watch. "nearly 8:30"

my eyes grow wide and a smile appears. "I have to go" I reply walking away from him. he follows me to were the band is going to play music later.

"why'd you leave?" he asks

"im supposed to meet him..., here"

"ohh, i'll leave you too it then" he replies before walking off

I stood there waiting patiently.

michaels pov:

I walked outside and called luke.

"hey were are you?" I ask him

" I"m waiting outside, come meet me"

"alright were? oh wait I see you" I reply as I hang up and walk over to him.


"hey, you coming in now?"

"whats the time?"


"yeah, lets go" he says as he begins walking inside.

"LUKE!" someone yells.

we both turn around and see a few young girls  running towards us. when they reach us they were out of breath and puffing.

"oh my god, I cant believe I"m finally meeting you, your covers are amazing, and your band, and well everything about you!" one girl screams in excitement. all the other girls agree and scqueal in excitement.

"thankyou" he replies nicely " I really should get back to the dance" he adds.

"can we pleaseeee get a photo" one asks

"yeah, alright" he agrees. he leans down to them and takes photos with each and every one of them. when he was done they asked for autographs. he sighed but he agreed. he signed the bits of paper they held out for him, then when he was done they asked for hugs.

He didn't want to let any of them down so he hugged them all.

When they finally left, he bolted inside. I walked inside to see him holding his head in his hands. I rush over to him.

"what happened?" I ask him

"she's not here, im too late, its already 9." he panicked

"everythings going to be fine" I assure him.

"she's going to think I stood her up"






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