The secret admirer

Bella has been getting gifts every morning for the past month. Her best friends luke, Calum and Michael, know exactly who it is...
Luke is bella's secret admirer and, over time has developed strong feelings for her. How will she find out? How will every thing end out?


6. New chapter

I woke up and rolled out of bed. I looked around my room and noticed that it was still dark. I check my phone and notice it was 6:30.

I decide to have a shower to wake up and to pass some time.


When i was done i got myself dressed in jeans and jumper. I put my hair in a bun and walked downstairs and made myself some breakfast. I ate it in the lounge room as i watched tv.


When i finished my breakfast i put my bowl into the sink and began making coffees for mum and dad knowing they will be up soon.


Literally when the kettle finished boiling they both stumbled downstairs exhausted.


"Bella?" Mum asked surprised. I nod in reply.

"It cant be her!" Dad jokes. "My Bella doesn't get up early"


I just shake my head and roll my eyes.


I hand them there coffees and watch there eyes widen.

"Coffee too? What have you done?"

"Nothing" i jokingly reply.

"Okay gonna go before something else weird happens" dad says standing up and walking up stairs.


I look at mum and she just laughs, getting up as well and following him.


I sigh and continue watching tv.


When it was time to go, i put some food in my bag then left.


I walked out side and saw a small box. I opend it slowly and saw a corsage. I smiled.


I picked it up and saw a note in the box aswell.


I read the note.

I couldn't give this to you in person, so i hope this suffices. Xoxo


I smiled and walked back inside. I put it down on the bench then walk to school.


When i get to school i see Luke already at his locker.

"Hey" i say as i walk over to him.

"Heyyyy" he replies as he shuts his locker.

"Tonights gonna be fun" he says as we walk to my locker. When we get there i open it.

"Yeah, it should be exciting"

"Are you meet him?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't i be? I've been falling in love with him over the last few weeks. Its so exciting and scary at the same time."


"You've been falling in love with him?" He asks

I blush. "Yeah...the way he makes me feel, i cant wait to actually have a real conversation with him"


Luke smiles awkwardly and nods. "You ready?" He asks.


I nod. "Yep" i get my books as we walk to our class room.


We sit in the back, behind the other boys.


"Hey guys, you ready for tonight?" Cal asks.


Everyone nods and smiles.


"You guys coming to the party afterwards?" Michael asks.


"What party?"

"Jordan's party" he replies. Jordan was this guy who was well known for his amazing parties. They were always huge, and full of alcohol. They were amazing.


We all agree to go together.


Throughout the whole class we just laughed and talked about what we were going to do at the dance and the party. Tonight was going to be a fun night.


When class finished we rushed to our lockers and then rushed out of the crowded hall.


I walked over to our table, soon being joined by the boys one by one.


We talked about random things until the school bell rang for next class.


*skip school*


I speed walked home, wanting to be able to get there quicker. When i got home i had a shower, then put on some temporary clothes.


By the time i was done, mum was home and was able to help me with my hair and makeup. I followed he to her bathroom and waited for her to start.

it took two hours to do my hair and makeup.

I walked into my room and carefully slid on my dress.

it fit perfectly. I smiled and went to show mum. she smiled too and told me I was beautiful.

she gave me a hug, it was soft and nice. when we separate she checks her watch.

"well I guess we should be going" she says excitedly.

I smile awkwardly as butterflies fill my stomach. I walk downstairs and put my corsage on.

lukes pov:

I finish getting ready and walk out to show mum.

she starts to tear up "you look so grown up"

" thanks" I reply as I give her a hug. when we separate she hands me the white flower, which I place in my front pocket, of the tux.

"I guess its time to get the girl" she smiles and gets her keys. "lets go"


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