The secret admirer

Bella has been getting gifts every morning for the past month. Her best friends luke, Calum and Michael, know exactly who it is...
Luke is bella's secret admirer and, over time has developed strong feelings for her. How will she find out? How will every thing end out?


10. kissin

~~I wake up in two strong arms. I blink a few times and notice it was luke.

I pull out my phone checking the time and see it was 3 in the morning. I try and take his arms off me, but they tighten.
“mmmm, morning” he says barley awake.


“what time is it?”


“please, just lay back down” he whispers and kisses my head. I do what he says and lay back down onto him. My head was resting on his chest, and I could hear his heart beat. It was steady and soothing. He began rubbing circles on my back with his thumb, which caused me to instantly fall back asleep.
“no, no!” Mikey whines.

Luke chuckles, his arms still around me. My eyes blink open and see Luke looking down at me.


“hi” I smile sitting up. He lets me go and I sit on the couch.

“have fun last night?” Michael jokes

“yeah heaps” I reply checking my phone. It was 10:30. I laid down on the couch watching the boys play fifa.

“it looked like it” he laughed. I wasn’t in the mood so I stood up and went to the kitchen. I made myself some toast with vegemite and then walked back.

“where’s mine?” mikey asks

“up you’re a-” I was stopped

“don’t need to finish that sentence” luke interrupts. I roll my eyes and eat my toast.

I felt my phone vibrate, and put it up to my ear. “hello”

“jess? Where the hell are you?” my dad asks fear in his voice.

“im sorry dad, I kind of passed out at mikeys”

He let out a sigh and laughed. “thank god. Ok, your safe, that’s good, message me next time ok?”

“I left for work already, and the house is locked, so your locked out. Think you can keep yourself entertained?”

“yeah, maybe” I joke

“alright jess, see you later”

“bye” I hung up the phone

“your dad?” luke asks me. I nod and continue watching them.
“I’ll drive you home” luke offers.

“thanks” I reply grabbing my old clothes, taking them in my hands. We walk out to the car and get in.

“today was kick back” luke says turning the car on. It actually was pretty kickback. We just watched tv and played games.

“it was nice” I sigh. Im kind of sad that its over.

When we reach my house he parks and turns the car off.

“hey, uh, thanks for the day out yesterday” I smile.

“it was a fun day” he sighs looking at his feet under the wheel.

I lean in to kiss him goodbye on the cheek  but he turns to look at me, which caused me to pull away the moment our lips touch. It was a surprise.

We stared at each other for a few seconds completely blank, both trying to think about what just happened.

I leaped over to him, crashing our lips together, he instantly joined in and it was amazing. The way our lips moved with passion and lust, just wanting more.

We made out for a good five minutes before I leaned away, catching my breath.

“woow” he whispers. I laugh

“yeah..”  I smile. “see you tomorrow?”

“for sure” he laughed.

“alright, bye” I wave him goodbye. He waves back as he drives off.

We kissed…
I kissed him… he kissed me….
We kissed….

I couldn’t stop smiling, nothing could destroy my mood after that.

I walk inside and see dad with his arms crossed and mum with a huge smile on her face.

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