The secret admirer

Bella has been getting gifts every morning for the past month. Her best friends luke, Calum and Michael, know exactly who it is...
Luke is bella's secret admirer and, over time has developed strong feelings for her. How will she find out? How will every thing end out?


2. chapter two

When we get to Michael's, Luke and i get out of the car and wave his mum goodbye.

"Did you want me to pick you guys up?" She yells from the car.

"We'll be fine, mrs clifford will drop us off" Luke replies. She nods slightly and drives off.

"Hey guys" Luke says when we enter the house. Michael and Calum were in the lounge room playing Fifa. I took a seat on the couch in between both boys, and just watched them play.

"Oh, hi bella" mrs clifford says as she walks into the kitchen.

"Hey" i reply.

"So when are you boys gonna start?" She asks them.

"" Michael says finishing the game.

He stands up and begins walking, as we all follow him.

"So what song are we going to put on youtube next?" He asks.

Everyone shrugged.

"I was thinking about..., i miss you" Michael suggests.

Luke and Calum nod in agreement. "I cant believe we didn't think of that" cal says as he picks up his bass. Michael picks up his guitar and Luke sits down next to me.


We were finally done practicing, and by we, i mean them practicing and me watching.

"Hey mum, can you drive Luke and bella home?"Michael asks

"Uh, sure" she says. "But do you mind if i drop you both off at luke's, i have to go somewhere"

"No thats fine" i reply.

"Alright lets go" she says as she walks out to the car. We follow behind her and slide into the back seats.

When we get to Luke's we wave her goodby and she drives off.

"Looks like mums not here" Luke says motioning to the empty drive way. "Did you want me to walk you?"

"If you want" i say as i begin walking. He catches up and we walk side by side.

"You coming over tomorrow?" He asks.

"Whats happening tomorrow?" I ask

"Were gonna record i miss you at cal's" he says.

"Naa, i'll just watch it later" i answer.

We passes 6 houses, turned left and then passes another 3. The next one was mine.

"Well see ya tomorrow" Luke says when we reach my house.

I wave him goodbye and open the front door. I walk straight up to my room and fall onto my bed. I take my pants and shoes off and slide under the covers. It took me a while to go to sleep but eventually i did it.

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