The New Me

Jasmine Lottie is a very quiet girl at school. Everybody would pick on her, bullied her,and call her names. But one day a new kid was in town. He was good looking everyone like him especially the girls. He decide to help her with her looks. Aka Jason cliff


3. we meet again

Jasmine Pov

Beep Beep my alarm went off. It was a school day. I didn't even bother waking up Lia. I got dress into a t shirt and skinny, I also bring extra clothe in case stuff happen.

I walked to school because it was just 10 minute a way. I got to my locker as fast as I could. I went to my first class. No one was there yet so i just stay there and draw something on my sketch book. I drew a picture of Jason, I don't know why, for some reason I did.

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