The New Me

Jasmine Lottie is a very quiet girl at school. Everybody would pick on her, bullied her,and call her names. But one day a new kid was in town. He was good looking everyone like him especially the girls. He decide to help her with her looks. Aka Jason cliff


2. I hate You


Jasmine Pov


It was finally morning. I had a good dream it was just perfect. I change into my skirt and crop top and head down to breakfast . After i finish i decided to go to the mall. Not all loser don't. When i got to the mall i went into forever 21. I bought a white dress and some jewelry. I also went into adidas sport store. As i was looking for some soccer cleat i bump into somebody. 

"Watch where you are going" 

  " sorry "

" Next time watch it"

" im so sorry"

That when he left laughing with his friend. i hate that guy he don't seem like he go to my school. Anyway i got my stuff and head out to get lunch. I went into one of the fast food place. I order fries and chicken also got ice coffee with it. I went to sit at the corner when someone walked in. 

" well well well what do we have here"

It was Emily.

"Come with us"

" no" i said

"excuse me bitch "

" i'm not gonna let you bother me anymore" She laughed and start pulling my hair.

" Let go of her hair" it was the same guy from that store. Why would he help me.



Jason Pov


I first saw her when i bumped into her. She was beautiful. I acted mean but i can't let her know about my feeling. me and the guys wanted to eat and there we saw her but somebody was pulling her hair.

" Let go of her hair" i said

The person who was pulling her hair let go.

" hey hottie and why would you help her" she said in annoying voice. " she's a bitch"

" she is not a bitch you are and before i get mad get out" i said shouting at her face her. she got scared and got out of the food place.

" thanks for helping me" the beautiful girl said 

" no problem i'm Jason by the way" introducing  myself.

" im Jasmine" so Jasmine was her name


Jasmine Pov


Even though he help me i still hate him. His name was jason or something. I continue to eat, he was sitting next to the table i was sitting at. I got a text from Lia.

Who is the guy next to you(Lia)

How do u know (Me)

look behind you(Lia)

i look behind me and saw lia. I jump up and hug her. Wow she look different i mean of course everybody change. she sat next to me eating my of jason friend kept winking at lia, i laugh.


" that guy been checking you out"

 We both laughed. we drive back to my house. My mom greeted her and they talk for about an hour. 





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