The New Me

Jasmine Lottie is a very quiet girl at school. Everybody would pick on her, bullied her,and call her names. But one day a new kid was in town. He was good looking everyone like him especially the girls. He decide to help her with her looks. Aka Jason cliff


1. Go to Hell

Jasmine pov

One punch,two punch,three punch then I blackout. I woke up feeling pain around my stomach and my face.

" good your awake" I heard somebody said

" where am I" I ask the person

"You are in the nurse office , seem like you been punch very badly and need a rest" said the nurse

I remember what had happen Emily and her little friend punch me again. I could have speak up for myself but I didn't. I rest for about another hour and head out to class. Everyone stare at me as I walk in.

" get to your seat miss Lottie" shout my social studies teacher.

FYI nobody in the school like me even the teacher. I walk to my desk and take out my note and study it. School was finally over and people would call me names . But one really hurt me Go To Hell. I did nothing wrong why do I deserve it .

I got to my car and drive home to be yell at by my mom asking about what happen to my face.

" Jasmine what happen" asked my mom

" I fell in gym" I answer

"Ok I'll let it go this time if it happen again I'm talking to your principle and that's finale"

I went to my room and text my best friend. We known each other since we were a kid but she move away after finishing 8th grade leaving me to start freshmen year and got bullied.

How's school (lia)

The usual (me)

Damn girl u need a life (lia)

I need u 😅 (me)

Anyway when r u gonna visit (me)

As soon as I get my allowance (lia)

Ok gtg (me)

Love ya ❤️❤️❤️❤️ (lia)

I finish texting Lia and get down stair to eat dinner. We were having steak and pasta . My little brother who was sitting next to me kept poking me as I was eating.

" quit poking your sister " said my mother as she drank her wine.

" mom he is doing it again " I whine

" Alex no phone for u and no video game no but"

" not fair anything but that " complain Alex

" get to bed you two" said my mom in her soft voice

I walked up stair and went to Alex room and stick my tongue at him. He was so angry he turn red, he was about hit me but i got to my room on time and lock it. I change into my pajamas and dream about what would happen if my life was perfect.

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