Hair Dye // mgc

"Hey. Do you know where I could find the hair dye?" I asked the boy with red hair.

"Yeah, I'll show you where it is." He answered kindly.

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8. Chapter 8 » school more like hell


» a/n no michael pov this chapter «

song this chapter » Bad by Michael Jackson 😈.


So today i started school. Michael drove me while i cringe at the thought of going back there. "We are here." He pulled up to the building. "Fuck." I wanted to cry. "Whats wrong?" He asked putting a hand on my covered thigh. "Everyone thinks im a druggie or dead. Or-" he cut me off. "Who gives a shit. You're amazing. You almost died this summer but fuck it. You concurred anorexia, smoking, and you talked to the one and only Alex Gaskarth." he went on.

"Thank you." I nodded and smiled. I kissed the side of his mouth but then moved his head. Pressing a his warm lips to mine. "Bye. Text me." I said holding up my phone. I got out and closed the door scared out of my mind.

I smiled and showed off my officially straight teeth. I had braces last year but i was still the school 'freak & badass.' I would chug beers and dance around. I didn't care if i was drunk here but now i do.

Being a senior everyones gonna remember my junior year instead. The ba me and not the in love me. Anyways im officially a senior!

"Hey look." Someone pointed to me. I flicked them off before reaching my locker. As i closed the metal door someone was behind it. A girl named Raven. She was a giggly kind person. She might be annoying sometimes but to be honest shes fun. "Hey." She exclaimed. Okay maybe shes too excited today. "Hi." I grinned. I grabbed my phone out of my back pocket seeing two texts. One from Michael and an unknown number. Probably luke.

I ignored both and turned to Raven. "So how was your summer?" i asked giving her a big smile. "Good. I went to the UK and Florida." She sighed calming down a little. "What about you?" she frowned. "Well after the first accident, i finally got those train tracks off. I uhm- almost died again. I met this cute boy and he helped dye my hair." I smiled. "What?! Another accident?! But cute boy.. hmm." She hummed. I laughed.

"He likes bands and hair dye. Oh my gerd." I exclaimed now and then waved to her going our separate ways down the hall.

I sat in science learning 'the classroom expectations.' I sighed bored and checked my phone seeing what the boys texted.

Luke - 'How's your first day?'

Mikey - 'You okay?"

They both seemed worried, which made my stomach flutter at how they actually cared.

I missed being in science with Luke though. He was suppose to be a senior but graduated early because of the accident. And i only passed junior year because i worked in the hospital with 2 broken ribs, fractured knee and scratches. I cringed at the thought of what happened.

Mr.Joy, the teacher, tapped on the desk snapping me out of my thoughts. "And Miss.Hood, what did you do this summer?" He asked pointing at the blank lined paper. I frowned not knowing where it came from. "Working." I said barely audible. "What?" The ass held his ear close to me. "Working, asshole." I pretty much shouted. I got one week of detention for 'using fowl language at a teacher.'

"I liked working." was what i said when my second period teacher asked. I heard the bell and ran for the door. I loved my next period because i didn't have to learn rarely. Just play. It was band!!

I walked, more like skipped into the room. "Hey Mr.C." He nodded acknowledging that he heard me. "Everythings in your locker." He pointed to the walls with doors and locks. "Thank you." Mum put hundreds and thousands of dollars into these instruments. My sax, flute, and trumpet were the most expensive.

I opened the locked door and slid it open the see 3 instruments and 4 pairs of drumsticks.

I grabbed a pair of sticks and ran to the drum room warming up. After that the juniors joined me and we sung for awhile until the bell. Those few moment made me forget about detention, the accidents, and anything else.

The bell rung and i sighed getting up and waving at the freshman with double band. They were getting a lecture on what to do this band season.

I didn't want to leave the room. But i'll be back here during 6th.

I walked to my locker while texting. "Hey!" Andrea exclaimed. "so do you like being a senior?" she asked and i shrugged. "Eh. Its like freshman year but instead im "ruling" the school." I used my fingers to emphasize ruling. "Oh." She sighed. Someone tapped my shoulder before i could talk back. I turned around to see a Chris. "Hey." He said and i hugged him.

"It's terrible that its cold right now." He sighed letting me go. "Why are you here?" i asked punching his arm softly. "Mum said i either had to volunteer or get job number dos." he said holding up two fingers.

"Try to supervise detention." I begged. They both laughed. "How do you get detention on the first day?" they both asked. "Long story. Tell you later at Colours?" I sighed and they nodded. Colours was the bar Ash worked at. I giggled and walked away late to my 4 period.

I walked in and everyone stared. "Miss- Hood. Why are you late?" the teacher asked. "Sorry." I mumbled grabbing a seat in the far back. "Since you're late explain your summer in a para-" I cut her off to shut her up, "I got my braces off, got into another car crash, met a boy, and don't ask what i liked. I only liked working." I sighed. Hope that suited her fancy. "Thank you." She said handing me a detention for being late. "fuck." I mumbled. She heard me. She turned around and gave me another two days of detention. I got up and walked out.

Fuck detention. I walked to my safe place and sighed texting Michael.

Me : 'Detention today. Sorry.'

Mikey : 'how?'

Me : 'lets say i swear a lot.'

Mikey : 'ohp.'

I went straight into the band room spotting Mr.C fixing a guitar string. "What happened?" He got me out of trouble a lot. "I swear too much." I laughed. "Why Marie?" He groaned. I shrugged and went to my locker. I grabbed a pair of sticks and walked to the drum room once again.

"Hey!" Some freshman complained as i walked towards the drum. I shook my head and started banging the drum and singing. The freshmen looked at me in surprise. Yeah a band junkie can sing. I felt my cheeks turn a cherry red. "More!" They shouted and i laughed ignoring the bell and playing more songs.

- Detention -

"Aren't we suppose to be quiet?" a kid shouted. It wasn't loud but it wasn't quiet. I jumped off the desk turning away from Chris. "Why are you here?" i asked. I knew everyone in detention except him. He seemed cool but scared. "Flicked a teacher off for yelling." He sighed. "Okay some tips here are dont go towards those four." I pointed to the gang. "Don't touch anyone unless they're your girl. And don't talk back to him." I said pointing to a confused Chris. "Oh nothing." I laughed at his confusion. "Thanks." He mumbled. Chris shot up from his seat when people started yelling. "Everyone sit down. Do not stand or talk. You may whisper but not talk. Understand me!" He yelled.

Hes never yelled. Only at me when i fucked something up.

I sat down next to the kid and noticed him shaking. "Don't be scared. Its not bad." I whispered and he nodded. I looked behind him to see Ryann throwing paper at him. He was gonna go off thats why hes shaking. I placed my hand on his arm and he looked at me. His eyes were furious. "Don't. They will jump you." I growled.

He nodded and I sighed.

Everyone got up indicating detention was over. I sat on the desk in front of Chris while waiting for the others to go by. "So.. you helped him?" He asked pointing to the kid with a beanie and blond hair. I nodded. We started towards the door and he waited with me. I texted Michael and he laughed. "Almost 3 months with Michael?" He asked and i shook my head. "two actually." I cooed.

Someone tapped my shoulder and i rolled my eyes to see the kid from detention. "How do you know those things?" He asked and i sighed. "Don't date one of those people. Break one of their hearts and you're gonna get jumped." I sighed remembering Ryann punching me. "Don't date the girl." I punched his arm. He laughed and nodded. "Marie." I put out my hand, "Ben." He sighed shaking mine. "Uhm-" I was cut off to Michael pulling up and coming towards me. "Hey." He sighed kissing me.

I waved to both the guys and walked to Michael's car.


"How was your first day?" Cal asked taking a swig of beer. "Two weeks detention." I sighed and took the beer. I chugged it and then walked to the stage. I strummed the guitar and started an all time low song.

"Damn its such a shame that we played strangers." I sung. I heard the drums and guitar come from behind me and i closed my eyes. I knew who it wasn't a big deal either.

We ended the song and i sighed looking at Calum. "This is what i wanna do for the rest of my life." I mumbled. He nodded and we shared a smile.

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