Hair Dye // mgc

"Hey. Do you know where I could find the hair dye?" I asked the boy with red hair.

"Yeah, I'll show you where it is." He answered kindly.

- warning -


4. Chapter 4 » tattoos & piercings

M a r i e


Calum cuddled up to me. I pushed him away. "No." He gave me the puppy dog look. "Jesus Calum! Your nineteen years old. You can go without a cuddle." I blew off the steam.

I left my mum's and went back to my place, hoping my roommate wasn't there. She was sitting in the living room, drunk as hell. "Come on." I mumbled, looking at the roof.

I helped her up to her room and then ran to my own. I sat there mentally picking out an outfit.

I eventually grabbed my Sleeping With Siren's shirt and ripped skinny jeans.

I went to the kitchen grabbing a dr.pepper and cheese-its. I don't eat a lot. And when I do I feel terrible. My roommate came back out and I slapped my forehead. She never gets drunk why now? I thought. Her boyfriend probably broke up with her.

"Why are you wasted?" I asked curiously. "He broke up with me." She cried. She always drowned her feelings in alcohol.

I always pictured her with Cal to be honest. I checked the clock and ran out of the small apartment.

I got to the mall running into Hot Topic. "Hey M." My friend- Chris said. I waved and bit my lip. "Let me guess, roommates drunk and you met a boy?" He guessed correctly. I nodded. I started folding and greeting people. I saw Michael walk in and went to Chris. "What?" He questioned. "Thats the cute kid." I sighed, staring a little. I looked away and went to the register to help the customer.

Shit. He saw her. She tried to act normal, but to be honest what's normal when you jump around at the food court. "Chris, Im taking my lunch break." he sighed and nodded.

I ran up to Michael tapping his shoulder. "Those are buy 2 get one free." I whispered into his ear. "Hey." He smirked. I giggled and kissed him. "No PDA M!" Chris shouted. I laughed.

We walked out of the store going towards the food court. He offered to buy me food but I turned it down saying I ate before work. It's funny how gullible he was. "Get me a drink?" I asked and he nodded. I sat down and checked my phone, just texts from Cal that were from last night & some from my roommate- Andrea. I read them and didn't reply. Andrea always was weird drunk. It wasn't fun to be around her like that.

"Here ya go." Michael said setting the tray down as I set my phone down. "Thanks." I told him grabbing the drink. "Nice hair by the way." He changed his hair colour again.

"That guy in the store?" He seemed jealous. "Uhm- my friend Chris. I took my break. I gotta go back soon." I answered his question.

"Oh. D-" I cut him off molding my lips with his. He was the one shocked. ooPs. "We should go out tonight." I told him and he nodded finishing up.

"Im gonna go back to work. I'll text you when I get home." I told him. He hugged and kissed me, his lips tasting salty. I giggled and ran back to work.

After work I put on a different shirt- my All Time Low, muscle tank and headed out. I checked Andrea before going. She was KO. I just laughed. When was she gonna realize, Calum and her were meant to be?¿

I shipped it.

I walked out locking up and drove to my mums. I got there and called Michael. "Hey. Im home." I told him. "Coming." He answered. I laughed and hung up pressing my back against the door. My heart fell into my stomach. He always made me get butterflies.

I went to the kitchen and saw Cal sitting by the window. "Whats up?" I questioned him. He never was downstairs, unless it was to answer the door, get food, or find me. "Sorry I went home." I mumbled seeing the worried look on his face. "Its fine." He giggled. "I left to check on Andrea again too." I rolled my eyes, setting my jaw. "Another boyfriend thing?" He asked and I nodded. "I think i'm gonna go get her out of her slump." He told me picking up my keys. "Thanks." I shouted as he walked out of the house.

I had to wait until Michael got here now.

He finally got here and I jumped into his arms kissing him. "Ooo." He hummed. I giggled onto his lips.

"Where do you wanna go?" He asked me. "A tattoo and piercing shop." I told him.

He drove us there and I asked to get my nose pierce. Ashton came out of the room saying he was ready. "You work here?" I questioned. He nodded smiling. "This is the best place to go." Michael giggled. I smiled and followed Ash to the back. "Nose stud?" He asked and I nodded.

"Nice." He smirked. Michael held my hand as the needle pierced my nose. Jesus that hurts. I laughed and squeezed michael's hand. "I am so sorry." I apologized not wanting to hold my accent back anymore. He smiled and whispered into my ear, "Its okay." I giggled at how his breath bounced off my ear.

We thanked Ash and offered if he wanted to go to the club with us and not to my surprise, he said yes.

We got there doing shots and I danced on Michael. The music beat hurt my head but by the time I got back to the time I was drunk, I could rarely focus on anything. I ran back to Michael after draining the beer bottle. I threw myself on him and kissed him. I closed my eyes cause my head was throbbing. I opened my eyes back up to see it wasn't Mikey, but Ash. I broke the kiss and ran to the exit trying to get some air. Michael was somewhere in the crowd and I was just grinding on Ash. OoPs.

I went outside pulling out my phone calling Calum.

"Hello?" He answered. "Hey-uhm, can you come pick me up?" I asked. "Where?" He sighed. "The club close to my apartment." I sighed trying not to puke. I started the stumble towards my place and he sighed. "Im on way." He responded finally. I saw his truck and stopped. I sighed opening the door, "I'm sorry. I couldn't call anyone else." I sighed. "Its fine. Why were you there though?" He asked. "I wanted to go out and then I'm pretty sure I kissed Michael's best friend and now I feel terrible." I sighed placing my elbow on the door.

We drove the rest of the way to my apartment in silence. I got out right when he parked knowing he was gonna ask me why I kissed Ash or my nose stud.

I walked in and saw Andrea sitting on the couch waiting for Calum. "Uhm... When did you two?" I questioned as he lied back down to cuddle her.

My phone buzzed and I walked into my room, answering it.

"Hello?" I asked with a rising headache. "Where are you?" Michael asked. "At my apartment." I slurred. "Oh. See you later?" He asked and I hummed. I lied again. I can't see him right now. Not with the guilt I have of kissing Ash.

I hung up and went back out to grab a beer. I chugged it feeling a little dizzy. I fell back and drifted into a heavy sleep.

When I woke up I felt sick. I ran into the bathroom and threw up anything left in my stomach.

I went out to the living room, watching Andrea and Calum cuddling. Wow. I shipped it so hard ooPs.

I inched my nose remembering the piercing, "Shit." I mumbled a little too loud. "Whats wrong." Cal sighed. "Nothing." I pressed a hand to my head. I searched for aspirin and sighed finding nothing. I needed to go to my mums but she would kill me if she found out I got drunk earlier.

It wasn't as late I thought it was. We went partying at 7 and I left at around 8. Its 12am now so...

I felt so bad still. The guilt was building up inside me. I realized that I could still remember everything down to passing out. I heard a knock at my door and I answered it knowing that no one was gonna get it.

I opened it to see a blonde curly haired, tatted boy. "Uhm-hey." He said scratching behind his head.

I waved and invited him in. I walked to my room and he followed. I cursed to myself noticing I didn't have a very clean sleeping area. "Uhm-" He stuttered. "I'm sorry about anything that happened last night." I lied. "You don't remember last night?" He sounded confused. "Bits and pieces." I lied again.

He sighed. "I do remember dancing on you and kissing you though." I sighed. He looked at me. "Can we forget about it? I just started talking with Michael and I just don't want to mess things up." She sighed and he giggled. "You think I'm gonna tell my best friend... I kissed his girl." His laughed was contagious. He seemed like he was holding back something but I didn't push it.

He got up and I followed. He stopped at my door and kissed me again. WHAT THE FUCK! I thought. His lips were really soft but they weren't Michael's. For some reason I kissed him back. He tried getting his tongue into my mouth but I refused.

I pulled back and he looked at me. "I think you should go." I pointed to the door.


Late update but do you think Michaels gonna find out about those kisses?¿

do you think they're gonna be friends with benefits?¿

Anyways stay strong my lovelies. 💕

If you need to talk, im always here 💙😌.

unedited !! sorry for mistakes 😁

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