Dreamer Girl

A collection of thoughts.


3. Quiet

There's something unsettling about the quiet of night. When everyone else is asleep, but you're not. Perhaps if you strain you can hear a slight breath of wind on the other side of the window, but it's too much effort. Instead you allow yourself, for a while, to ignore sound. It's a strange feeling. Not like that of peace, peace is quite different - for me at least. Peace is filled with the sounds of a lazy stream or a gentle breeze, perhaps a bird or two. In my head songs or little fleeting melodies dance around without purpose or meaning. Peace is very different to quiet.

Quiet is unnerving, it puts me on edge. It's the feeling that something is missing, something important. Like the world is holding its breath so you can pick out that one detail, but you still can't hear it. Strangely, filling the silence doesn't work. Right now, I'm typing as quickly as I can so that the thud of my fingers on the letters will make sure I don't curl up and try to hide from the lack of sound. But it doesn't seem to help, just like hiding a mistake doesn't make you feel any better about it even if no one else knows what happened.

Sleeping is the easy way out, but for those of us who endure the silence, the night is when we are most awake.

Now to my dreams.

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