Band & Youtuber Imagines

An imagine book full of your favorite bands and youtubers!Sleeping With Sirens, Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, DeeFizzy, & Johnnie Guilbert! ⚓ Please read and enjoy!


5. Pierce The Veil Preference


~~A note you write to him:
Jaime: We met in 5th grade, you were in 6th. You asked me out 7 times.-_-  Not cool. But we did kiss at lunch one time. :) X) When I was 16, we snuck out & drove to a lake. It was a 2 hour drive, but we never got caught! :) Now you're my boyfriend, and I love you soo much! I couldn't live without you!

Vic: We met through your brother, Mike was my best friend and he said we should meet! The first time we met, you had you pants around your! When I was 15 my first bf punched me, and you hit him back. You snuck me in your room, and took care of me! Now, I still see you as my superman! I love you Vic :)

Tony: You were my first real friend. You were my neighbor, and you accepted me real fast! You pierced my ears with a thumb tac, because I made you...sorry! When I turned 16, you gave me my first real kiss. It was my favorite birthday present! Now, you are my boyfriend, and I lost you, I would go to. Love you.

Mike: We met in 4th grade, we had had a good time! You slapped my ass in 7th grade, and thats how we started! You let me put make-up on you, and you dance to Get Scared with me! When I was depressed we ranaway for 3 days. The cops brought us was bad! But in those 3 days you proposed, and it was so cute! I love yoy, and I hope we still get married! :) :)
So I was begged to do this, so here it is! If you want another band preference, inbox me! Dont forget to vote, comment, and of course enjoy! :) :)

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