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An imagine book full of your favorite bands and youtubers!Sleeping With Sirens, Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, DeeFizzy, & Johnnie Guilbert! ⚓ Please read and enjoy!


8. Johnnie Guilbert 3


~~Recap: You haven't heard from Bryan and Johnnie in a few weeks. You've called and it seems as if you've been forgotten. You've decided to go find your Anchor. Johnnie.

Present:  I see the concrete flying under my car, but I'm not paying attention to the road. Johnnie has my mind filled with "what if's" and "maybe's." I finally break the trance and check the time. 3:34am, It's been 4 long hours of endless driving. My eyes were getting heavy, and my vision was getting hazy. I still have 17 hours of this. I plug my phone into the radio and hit shuffle. The New National Anthem begins playing. Johnnie used to play this song every time we fought. It enticed me, and drew me back, of course. Vic's words were getting stuck in my head, and woke me up. "Desperation..."   "Somebody's supposed to fall in love..."  "Silently I wait, you'll be excited just to see me someday , everything's okay..."  Would Johnnie be excited to see me, or would he even want me there? I could just turn around...forget. My hands refuse to turn the wheel, and my foot presses harder on the gas.
 I guess I'm not turning around, but I do need to sleep. I drive until I see a small town, and I find the cheapest hotel. I park, and get my room. The man at the counter was really scared of me, and I couldn't pin point the problem. I take the key, and find my room. Room 34, I open the door, and once I get in I immediately lock it. I walked to the mirror to see black streaks on my cheeks, that's why the man was terrified. I clean up and lay in the mind began to daze again. "It's okay, to be honest....I cried after you hung up."  I closed my eyes, but I could still see his text. Did he cry, did he lie, is he just trying to shoo me away..? I need sleep, but my wandering mind is preventing it. A million scenarios play through my head. I could've ended that night so much better...I could've ended that night with Johnnie Guilbert as my boyfriend...

Los Vegas
I feel like I've been driving for months, but it's only been days...hours... The city is bright, and my eyes grow wide. I have never seen a place this big, I'm from Lincoln, Nebraska. I drive through, get some waves, and a couple fingers for my careless driving. I check my phone,  just 270.4 miles till I see Johnnie. I need to stop, and I wasn't going sleep in this damn car again. I go to the cheapest hotel, like I did once before. It's nicer then the last one, and the counter man doesn't question my crazy appearance. I get to my room, shower, pj's, and I lay down. I need to get a general area of where they live, I have seen their apartment in their vlogs and videos. I've also seen what the outside looks like from a vlog, but I don't know how to get around Cali. Hell, I don't even know how I made it this far! I don't want them to know I'm coming, so I'll disguise it. I call Bryan.

*5 rings*

"Hey (Y/N)!"

"Hey Bryan! Hey, I wanted to send Johnnie his Secret British Accent Society sweater. He left it at my place and I just found it. What's your address?"

"You want to send it straight to our apartment?"

"Yeah. It's Johnnie's favorite sweater..."

"You're right, I'll text it to you, okay?"

"Okay, bye Bryan."


He hangs up, and a couple minuets later my phone receives the address. I told him I was going to send Johnnie his sweater, I just didn't say I was the one who was going to deliver it.

Los Angeles

This morning when I woke up I had the worst anxiety attack. I've been driving for two and a half days....I can't turn around now! My anxiety has mad this a long trip, I've turned around, and went back plenty of times. I stopped and slept for hours. But I'm almost there...I'm minuets away from Johnnie, I have to go through with this. If he doesn't want me here, I'll lie and say I just wanted to return his sweater, and get away from Nebraska for a little while. I asked multiply people on the street where this apartment complex was, and I got there fast. I could see their floor, and I could see their apartment. My heart began picking up speed, and I could feel the stomach acid climbing in my throat. I forced my feet to walk to the door, and a kind stranger let me in. I pulled them up each step, and pulled them down the hallway. I arrived at the door. I can't do this....Johnnie doesn't need this....he doesn't want this! I turn around and a wave of courage blows through me. Fuck it, I'm here. I whip around, and as I lift my fist to knock on the door it begins to open. I lock eyes with a familiar face. Johnnie. "What are you doing here..."

Okay guys, Part 4 will be the last part, and I'll have it up tonight or tomorrow. I hope you guys enjoy the absolute shit out of this! Mikey Way, and Craig Mabbit imagines will be up soon as well! So I want you guys to write your craziest Bryanstars quote, and the funniest will get a Jaime Preciado imagine! So please comment, vote, request, and of course, enjoy!⚓

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