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An imagine book full of your favorite bands and youtubers!Sleeping With Sirens, Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, DeeFizzy, & Johnnie Guilbert! ⚓ Please read and enjoy!


7. Johnnie Guilbert 2


Listen to End of The World: Juliet Simms, it'll get them tears spilling.

Recap: Johnnie announces he is leaving Nebraska and going to California tonight. Then he breaks it off with you.
I cried. I cried as hard as rain pours, and his words faintly played in my head like an on going record. "Ithinkyoushouldleave..."
I've put so much time into this relationship. My heart has never felt this much pain, and my body has never felt this weak. I get a text, and its from Bryan.
Bryanstarzzzz: He'sonlydoingwhathethinksisbest. He'shurtingjustasmuch.
Me: Iknow. I'mgoingtogetoverit. Ijustneedtogrieverightnow. Callmetomorrow, please. ⚓
Bryanstarzzzz: Ofcourse. Goodnight.
I'm gasping for air, as I read the blurred messages. Johnnie's gone, our relationship is gone, our love is gone. It's like everything is in slow motion, but I'm normal speed. Watching these events, but not feeling or acknowledging them. My world has just stopped spinning. He offered to bring me there occasionally, but my shattered heart blew it. He's already on his way to the airport...he's already slipped through the cracks. Tonight I close my eyes, and tonight I'll rest in peace. Tomorrow I'll face my problems, but for now...I want numbness. I want...Johnnie.
† Weeks Later †
It's crazy how slow my wounds healed. I've trudged through the days with a carved smile, and I've cried through the dark nights. Bryan hasn't called, and Johnnie hasn't either. I'm beginning to think, maybe I'm already forgotten, and just a storm from the past. I decide to just call.
I quickly inhale, as my stomach begins tightening.
"It's (Y/N)...."
"Oh! Ohmy, Igotanewphoneandyournumbermust've been leftbehind. I'msorry, howareyou."
"*sniffles* I'mfineJohnnie. I'mgoing. Haha."
"Areyouokay? Yousoundupset."
I was drowning in my own tears at this point.
I hung up, I was forgotten. The progress I had made was all erased. I let myself play the blame game, and my fingers were pointing at me. I let Johnnie go, and I need him back. I don't care what it takes.
I begin packing, I'm leaving tonight. Whether I get turned in for a runaway or not, I'm bailing. I get what I need and I crawl out of my window. I take one last look and I forgot something. Johnnie's, Secret British Accent Society sweater. I grab it, and get off the roof, and run to my car. I have enough money to get me there, so I hope this works out because I don't have any to get back. I start the car and peel out of my drive way. I text Johnnie.
Me: SorryIhungup. Emotions...bleh.
Johnnie: It'sokay, tobehonest....Icriedafteryouhungup.
Me: WellI'mgoingtobed. NightJohnnie..⚓
Johnnie: Goodnight⚓
Anchor. He was my anchor. Remember that scene in The Fault In Our Stars when Augustus says, "Okay, will be our always.." An anchor was our always. He kept me from floating, and I kept him from drifting. We balanced together. I let my anchor go. I let it sink, to never return.
Thank you so much for reading, and I will be uploading regularly again!!!! I was in a dark hole for awhile but I have emerged! Part 3 will be up soon! So don't forget to vote, comment, and of course.... ENJOY! ⚓

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