Band & Youtuber Imagines

An imagine book full of your favorite bands and youtubers!Sleeping With Sirens, Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, DeeFizzy, & Johnnie Guilbert! ⚓ Please read and enjoy!


2. Jack Barakat


~~Imagine: He's Jealous
You were in the mall at Hot Topic of course. You told Jack you'd be out in a minuet, you just needed a few things. He stayed outside, and went to talk to a couple of fans. While you were inside you saw your old best friend Ray. "Ray? Ray is that you?" You said, walking to the counter. "(Y/N)? Wow it's been...2 years? Where have you been?" You both laughed. I've been busy, boyfriend, job, concerts, tour. It's all...ugh! What have you been up to?" He came from behind the counter to talk to you. "Working, this was our favorite store bro!" He said laughing. "So you have a boyfriend, who?" You pushed your hair back, and said. "Well, I'm actually dating Jack know..All Time Low..." Rays eyes about fell out of his head. "Holy shit, YOU'RE dating Barakat?! Good job!" You high fived. A man came from the back and yelled for Ray to get back to work. "Well I got to go, text me bro!" You nodded and hugged him. As you were about to let go, Jack cleared his throat. "Jack! This is my old friend Ray." Jack reluctantly shook Rays hand. "Well we got to go too, Ray. Bye fucker!" You yelled and he yelled back "Bye douche canoe!" While waking to your car Jack turned to you and said. "(Y/N), you won't leave me for him, right?" You slapped his shoulder. "Of course not you nerd!" You kissed his cheek and got into the car. "Good, cause I was about to punch him! I swear!" You laughed and left the mall.
Hope everyone enjoyed, and keep requesting!! Pwease!!

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