Band & Youtuber Imagines

An imagine book full of your favorite bands and youtubers!Sleeping With Sirens, Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, DeeFizzy, & Johnnie Guilbert! ⚓ Please read and enjoy!


1. Christian Coma Bvb Imagine


~Imagine: Highschool~
You finally arrived at school, and you didn't like being to you're locker late, because Christian Coma was your locker neighbor. He always brought his friends to his locker and they were always so....sexual. The best way to sum them up. They were the bad boys everyone hated, except you and your friend Addison. You loved hate them. They were all so hot, how could you hate them, but they were sometimes dicks! Well, you noticed you were late. "Hey (Y/N)!" He basically yelled in your face. "I'm not deaf. But hello." You began pulling things out of your locker when CC had gone to far today. He had grabbed your boob. "Jesus! Seriously CC! What the fuck is wrong with you!" You yelled slapping him across the face. You eyes began to burn with tears, and you ran to the girls bathroom, and called Addison who was home sick.
Addison: Hello?
(Y/N): H-Hey.
Addison: Holy shit are you crying?
(Y/N): Christian, he like...felt me up in front of all of his friends! It was embarrassing!
Addison: whAT A DICK! Where are you!?!
(Y/N): Girls bathroom.
Addison: Listen, dry your tears, shake it off and ignore him! I got to go. I love you!
(Y/N): I love you too.

You hung up, and began wiping your tears, and fixing your make-up. But you would always end up crying again. You sat there for a couple of minuets in front of the sink when someone came in. It was Andy Biersack. "Hey...(Y/N). Listen, CC is really sorry! He didn't think he'd embarrass you. Jinxx dared him to do it. Know, I'm not saying you have to forgive him, because I would've flipped out to, we're just hoping you're okay." I hugged him. "Yeah, I'm fine..." Then I noticed we were still in the girls bathroom. "You should...probably get out before you get caught." He scrunched his face in confusion then realized what I meant. "Oh ya! Okay, well bye sweetheart." I fixed my face one more time and walked out. CC was there waiting. You looked at him, and just kinda stood there. "Hey sugar, I'm so fucking sorry. It's just Jinxx dared me, I was trying to be cool, your really hot, and I wanted to ask you out tomorrow I-" He cut himself off. "Well...oops." You walked up to him, and kissed his cheek. "Thank you, but I'm still really pissed. You're gonna have to make it up to me." He nodded his head. "Of course, (Y/N)! Anything, you name it!" You looked down at your shoes and said. "Ask me out today." You could hear him snicker. "Okay, will you (Y/N) (Y/L/N) be willing to go on a date with me tonight?" He said smiling. "Of course! But right after this." You walked up to him and kneed him in the balls. He winced and fell to the ground. "I deserved that!" He said holding his crotch. "Pick me up at 8."


Hope you enjoy, and please request! Also I will be updating regularly! Request, comment, like, and enjoy!



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