David Fought Goliath

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  • Published: 11 Jun 2015
  • Updated: 11 Jun 2015
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A poem I wrote quite suddenly. I'm sure intelligent reader's will understand the theme very quickly.


1. David Fought Goliath


Once upon a piece of paper man hath never known,


A boy of ten, Told wiser men, through time he’d never grow.


He stepped from Bed to floor to ledge and leapt into the night,


From lungs he roared, Past moon he soared, to clouds far past our sight.


A writer’s dream would not reflect the land where which he landed,


The pools of nectar, Hills of splendour, A kingdom kings abandoned.


In paradise, days pass half calm, From noon it’s rife with danger,


Fighting, Eating, Dancing, Breathe then sleep for the remainder.


Whilst fishing by a glade of fauna, A baby croc was hooked,


It snapped the cord, The boy implored, This changed how the boy looked.


The clashing steel bounced off the stars and painted lives with conflict,


The lost prevailed, The tale entailed, Down fell the sea’s last convicts.


As he gazed at morning light trickle over the horizon,


The boy just smirked and kicked the dirt, For once he beat the titan,


As noble time had lost the fight, His soul was never caught,


The piece of paper thrown away, no more than fading thoughts.

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