The Open Road

Hayden, with the help of his friends, has been planning this surprise for Cyrus for ages. When it's revealed on the day after their graduation from their last year of college, it starts an epic adventure neither of them is likely to forget.


2. Two

"Hayden, where are you taking me?" Cyrus asked, Hayden practically carrying him over the uneven cracks in the parking lot of their dorms. They'd just finished loading the last of their boxes into their vehicles when Hayden had said he had a surprise for Cyrus, and demanded he cover his eyes with his sleeve while he led him to it. 

"Almost there," Hayden said, guiding him to the left. "Just a little more, two more steps...stop. Uncover your eyes!"

"What's this?" Cyrus asked, eyeing the tan-and-white motorhome parked before him, confused. 

"Surprise!" Hayden said, joined by Char and Lee, who jumped out from inside the monstrosity. "We're going on a road trip! All summer!"

Cyrus grinned. "So this is what you've been hiding, and the reason you talked me out of science camp!" He said, hugging Hayden tightly. Watching them, Lee put an arm around Char's shoulder. 

"You like it?" Hayden asked in Cyrus' ear. 

"Are you kidding? I love it!" They broke apart. "When do we leave?" 

"Next week," Char said. "So we can get this thing all primped and primed, and so Hayden, and you, I assume, can spend some time with Will before we leave."

"Awesome," Cyrus said, hugging Hayden to his side. "Can we look inside?"

"Sure," Hayden said, walking over to unlock the door. "It's a little bare right now, but that can be fixed."

They stepped inside, and Char and Lee followed, plopping on the sectional couch in the corner. "Wow, this is actually pretty big," Cyrus said, looking around. There was a kitchen with a sink, fridge, stove, oven, everything a kitchen needs. A bathroom, a bedroom in the back, and another in a loft above the driver and passenger seats, which were blocked with a curtain, a dining booth like the ones in the diner Hayden used to work at with Char, and a couch with a coffee table and space for a TV. "It could use some TLC, though," he said, looking at the ratty carpet and worn upholstery. 

"Yeah," Hayden said, ears reddening a little. "We had to get it used..."

"Let me fix it up," Cyrus said, interrupting and looking at Hayden. "It's the least I can do."

Hayden looked at Char, who shrugged. "Knock yourself out," she said. Hayden nodded.

"By the time we leave, this is going to be the coolest motorhome ever," Cyrus promised, plopping down next to Lee and Char and looking around with a big smile. It was going to be a fantastic summer, he could just tell. 

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