The Open Road

Hayden, with the help of his friends, has been planning this surprise for Cyrus for ages. When it's revealed on the day after their graduation from their last year of college, it starts an epic adventure neither of them is likely to forget.


3. Three

Cyrus dialed his mother's number on his phone, licking his lips nervously. Putting the phone against his ear, he heard it ring one time, twice-



"How are you doing, Cyrus?"

"I'm doing fine. I need your help."

"Oh?" He explained the situation. There was a pause on her end of the line before her decision. "No."

"What?" The hurt was evident in his tone.

"You aren't going anywhere with them. No money, either."

"Mother, listen. My boyfriend" -Cyrus could practically see his mother cringe at the word- "and Char are perfectly fine people, and you know it. Now, they bought a motorhome with their own money, and I fully intend to go on vacation with them." His mother sighed over the phone. "I just want money to help fix the motorhome up a bit. You can come supervise yourself, if you like." Silence. "Please."

She sighed. Cyrus could practically see her running an hand through her styled, blonde hair. "How much do you need?"

"Oh, my God, thank you!" Cyrus yelled. 

"Don't make me regret it. And I'm coming down, with five thousand."

"I love you."

"Save that for Hayden," she said as she hung up. She was obviously in a good mood today.

The second he put the phone down, Cyrus punched the air happily. "I should tell Hayden."

Running a hand through his hair, he called Hayden.

"Hello, Hayden's phone. Is there an emergency?" Hayden said jokingly as he picked up.

Cyrus smiled. "Kind of, yes."

"Wait, really? Are you okay?" Panic was prominent in Hayden's voice.

"I- yeah. I'm fine." He made a point to use a tone of voice he knew would worry Hayden a little. Not a lot, but enough. 

"I'm coming over. Right now."

"Bring Char and Lee."

"Alright. Love you."

"I love you too," Cyrus said, smiling. Hayden had surprised him, now he would surprise Hayden.

When the doorbell rang, Cyrus left off the couch and welcomed the three in. 

"Guys," Cyrus began.

"Are you...moving or something?"

"What? No!"

Hayden visibly relaxed a tiny bit. "Okay, what is it, then?"

"I called m-my mom, and...."


"She's coming down here."

"Great," Hayden said sarcastically.

"No, actually, it is! She's bringing us five thousand  dollars," Cyrus whispered dramatically. 

"Oh my God," Char murmured, slipping her hand into Lee's. "Oh my God!"

"Any money we have left over can go to like, food and stuff. And that'll be a lot!" Lee yelled, grinning. 

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news," Cyrus continued, "but she is coming down. I don't think she's coming with us, but I think she wants to make sure we don't spend our money on, like, a PS4 or something."

"Which would be a great way to spend money," Hayden said, earning a high five from Lee's free hand.

"If my mom wasn't coming down," Cyrus pointed out. "Look, she'll be here tomorrow afternoon, so you guys need to be really nice and polite. No cursing, no flirting, please try to avoid sarcasm-"

"Cyrus, calm down. I'm sure we'll be fine," Char smiled.

"Yeah, what could possibly go wrong?" Lee chipped in teasingly. 

Seeing what they were doing, Cyrus' expression darkened a little. Hayden elbowed him playfully. "Lighten up, we've probably only jinxed everything." 

Cyrus tried to shake his head, but gave into laughter eventually. They were right; everything would work out. Probably.

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