The Open Road

Hayden, with the help of his friends, has been planning this surprise for Cyrus for ages. When it's revealed on the day after their graduation from their last year of college, it starts an epic adventure neither of them is likely to forget.


7. Seven

Thirty minutes later, they were stopped. The four were stopped in the middle of a grocery store, with no money left in their wallets and the credit cards at home.















"Great," Hayden muttered, leaning against the wall of the store. "Just great."

"Sorry, Hayden. I thought I brought my card."

"Wait!" Char exclaimed. "Where's the rest of the money your mom gave us, Cyrus?"

"We used that to convert to solar power."


"And none of us brought our cards? I find that a bit hard to believe."

"Me too, Lee," sighed Cyrus. "Want to go and check the house again?"

"Yeah. I'll go look." Lee wandered out of the store, muttering something about surprises to himself. 

"Hayden, look at me." Hayden looked at Cyrus, distraught. "I'm sorry. I really thought I brought the money."






"Want to go look around while we wait for Lee? You know, in case he finds the money?"


Hayden shrugged. "Sure."

Cyrus gave a weak smile and grabbed a shopping cart, motioning for Hayden and Char to follow him. "Anything you want?"

"Apples." Char put in. "And candy. Lots of candy."

Cyrus nodded. "Random, but okay. Hayden?"

"Uh. Stuff we can eat on the road? Sandwiches, juice, Pop-Tarts...."

Cyrus could tell he was still upset over something. "Okay."

They walked down aisle after aisle, filling the cart with foods deemed necessary for the road trip, waiting for Lee to turn up.

Finally, when the shopping cart was full, Lee turned up, out of breath. "Hi. I was looking all over for you guys. No, I didn't find the money."

Quiet settled over the group as they looked at each other. It seemed the trip wasn't meant to be. Cyrus hugged Hayden, hoping that would be an unspoken apology.

"Wait!" Char squealed, her face lighting up. "I totally forgot. I always carry around a backup credit card inside my phone case!"

"Good God," Lee muttered. "You couldn't tell us that earlier?"

"Um, I forgot. Sorry. So, I guess all purchases are on me?"

"Yeah. Sorry, Char. I'll pay you back when we go home," Cyrus promised.

Char waved a dissmissive hand. "Don't worry about it. Seriously. I've been saving up for a while, so I have a decent amount of money. I don't mind. Don't give me that look, Hayden."

Char took the cart to the front, not missing Hayden grab Cyrus' hand and whispering something in his ear, which caused Cyrus to blush and whisper something back. Lovebirds, she thought to herself as she paid for the groceries. 

Hopefully, there would be no more bumps along the road.

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