The Open Road

Hayden, with the help of his friends, has been planning this surprise for Cyrus for ages. When it's revealed on the day after their graduation from their last year of college, it starts an epic adventure neither of them is likely to forget.


4. Four

"Wow, this place is looking good," Hayden said, poking his head in the motorhome, where Cyrus was finishing up. He was right, it was. With such a large budget, they were able to replace almost everything. Now, there were fresh hardwood floors and new appliances throughout the place. There was a plushy rug with stripes in different shades of grey and white, and a comfortable grey couch and black leather chair, as well as a decent flat-screen TV and X-Box. All the beds had comfortable mattresses and bedding, and the bathroom and kitchen were fully stocked with the needed toiletries and food. 

"Yeah, it is," Cyrus said, looking around. He was just putting up the finishing touches- a few posters and pieces of his art he and Hayden had selected on the walls and some pillows and blankets to the couch. "I still have to hang the curtains...and the cable guy should be coming by later this afternoon to set us up with TV. Oh, and my mom wants to have dinner with all of us tonight."

Hayden nodded. "Then it'll all be finished?" he asked hopefully. 

"Then it'll all be finished," Cyrus confirmed with a smile, looking at Hayden, who grinned, with warmth in his eyes. 

"This is so exciting," Hayden said. Cyrus started opening the packages of white curtains and stood on the couch to start hanging them. With Hayden's help, they were finished in no time. 

"We should call Lee and Char. Let them see the place," Cyrus suggested. 

"Good idea," Hayden said. "I'll call Char, you call Lee."

Cyrus agreed, and soon the four were seated in the living room playing Mario Kart on the X-Box. 




"The place looks great," Lee said, passing Char and pulling into first place in the game.

Char made a noise of agreement as she focused on trying to hit Lee with a red turtle shell to slow him down.

"Thanks," Cyrus said, cruising along in tenth place. He'd fallen off a bridge earlier in the race and assumed he had no chances of winning whatsoever. Hayden was in third, but considerably far behind both Char and Lee. Not that this deterred him from trying to blow either of them up at any opportunity he got. This ended up being a fairly good strategy, because he got ahead of both of them in the end, after Char and Lee blew both of themselves back into sixth and seventh. 

"This never would have happened if you'd just kept to yourself and been happy with second," Char said to Lee, who looked affronted. 

"Well, if you had accepted that I'd passed you instead of blowing us both to smithereens..."

"Shut up."

"You shut up."

"You both shut up," Hayden intervened. 

"This is going to be a long summer, isn't it?" Cyrus said, smiling slightly. They all laughed.


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