The collage

Katie and Lilli r 17 and they r best of sisters, they sometimes fall out but they love eachover. They have to move to Australia, their new collage is ok they meet 5sos but everyone knows 5sos r students there so they r used to them and there is some mean girls and they think they can fall in love with Michael and luke, well Michael has a crush on Katie and they fall in love and the same with Lilli and luke. A few months later there is a group of boys and they try to mess around with Katie and Lilli, can Michael an luke save them...


6. the house is ours!😆

It's now Saturday morning and we have now one day left at this hotel. Ring ring mums phone goes off again, hello? Hello the house is now yours! It is all decorated for u inside and out, and u get a free Lamborghini! Wow tha...that's amazing!! Thank u! Mum out the phone down and her face was filled with excitement. Girls shall we pack our stuff, and we can go in our new house! Me and Lilli go to our room and pack our stuff, as we r packing our stuff I notice a piece of paper on the floor, I pick it up and I turn it around, it had a code on it and it said code:286. Girls come lets go! Yes we r coming! Lilli shouts out, we take the lift down to reception and mum gives the key, oh god sake! I mutter to myself as the code fell out my pocket, what is that? Lilli asks, nothing dnt worry, tell me! No! TELL ME!! Lilli shut it there is ppl around and they dnt want to hear u shouting! My mum says looking serious. We r in the car and we r nearly at bailey road were the house is, right girls we r here! I looked out the window and saw the man talking to someone else.


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