The collage

Katie and Lilli r 17 and they r best of sisters, they sometimes fall out but they love eachover. They have to move to Australia, their new collage is ok they meet 5sos but everyone knows 5sos r students there so they r used to them and there is some mean girls and they think they can fall in love with Michael and luke, well Michael has a crush on Katie and they fall in love and the same with Lilli and luke. A few months later there is a group of boys and they try to mess around with Katie and Lilli, can Michael an luke save them...


4. staying in the hotel🏨

We have now got off the plane, ugh it's really hot, I say thinking I'm gonna pass out, sweetie we will buy some water don't worry, my mum said to me as if she was talking to a baby😫. Mum went into the shop and got some water, as she came out she gave it to me and I drank it all in one go. We started walking towards a hotel and it looked very posh, mum how many euros do u have? Lilli said looking nosey, I'm not saying lil, mum said as she knew Lilli was being nosey, fine jeez, lilli said again annoyed. Hello can I help u? A lady said behind the reception desk, err we would like to book a room, ok for how many people and nights? Three people one adult and two teenagers and for a week plz, ok that will be €50 and here is ur room key, as mum gave the money to the lady, the lady said if u have any problems just call us, our number will be on the dining table. Here we go girls this is our room for the week, girls do u want to unpack ur stuff and we can maybe do something, do u? Ye sure, me and Lilli went into a room with two beds, lil do u want ur bed to be the one next to the window? Ye ok, as me and Lilli were unpacking mum was making some tea for two and a coffee.


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