The collage

Katie and Lilli r 17 and they r best of sisters, they sometimes fall out but they love eachover. They have to move to Australia, their new collage is ok they meet 5sos but everyone knows 5sos r students there so they r used to them and there is some mean girls and they think they can fall in love with Michael and luke, well Michael has a crush on Katie and they fall in love and the same with Lilli and luke. A few months later there is a group of boys and they try to mess around with Katie and Lilli, can Michael an luke save them...


1. moving to Australia😆😪

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lilli says right in my ear! Lil dw it will be fine we might even see 5sos when we get there. Girls u haven't even packed ur stuff yet! Mum we will now! We both pack our stuff before mum comes in again, u do realise we r going to Australia in 3 days!, u need to sort urs elves out! My mum shouts at us again we have packed our stuff! I say just wanting my mum to shut up. We have now one day left! Me and Lilli go to the park for a while and we just do some stuff, *sighs* I dnt want to go Lilli says sadly ik lil, come on like I said we will make new friends and we might see 5sos, it goes quiet for a while and we go to the shop. We better go back now it's 5 Lilli says, so we head back home, we open the front door and shut it. Girls, wow u have never been this early, oh we were just tired, Lilli goes upstairs to have a bath, Katie r u ok, my mum says feeling worried, ye I'm fine just tired... I went upstairs aswell. It's finally Saturday, me and Lilli r going up BlueWater. Lilli r u nearly ready coz we need to catch the bus, yes! I'm just putting on some perfume, while I wait for a year I put a bit more mascara on. We r running to the bus stop but we end up being really early, ugh Katie I told u we was gonna be early, so, it's good being early. The bus comes and we jump on.


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