The collage

Katie and Lilli r 17 and they r best of sisters, they sometimes fall out but they love eachover. They have to move to Australia, their new collage is ok they meet 5sos but everyone knows 5sos r students there so they r used to them and there is some mean girls and they think they can fall in love with Michael and luke, well Michael has a crush on Katie and they fall in love and the same with Lilli and luke. A few months later there is a group of boys and they try to mess around with Katie and Lilli, can Michael an luke save them...


3. landing✈️🚅

We have now 10 minutes til we land, mum is asleep and Lilli is on her phone taking mugshots of random people lol😂. Would u like anything to ear or drink a lady with a trolley said, Lilli do u want anything? I asked err can I have a wispa bar plz, Lilli asked um no thanks I said. Ladies and gentlemen plz keep ur seat belts on, we are now landing. Woohoo! Yay! I heard people cheering were they were so excited, as the plane landed onto the ground I was just looking outside watching the other planes fly off.


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