If you're having a bad day read this. If you feel like crap read this. If you feel like no one cares read this. If you just need to feel inspired then please read this.

This is my diary, sort of. This is what I have to say about the struggles in life. The reason I'm posting this online is because; one it's therapudic for me to write it down, and two because maybe I can help others who feel like crap.


4. Friendships

Hey yo me again. So this chapter is a little more of a story so I hope thats ok. It's about friendships. Here's what I've learned about friends......sometimes the best of friends are found in unlikely places. There is a girl at my school who used to hang out with me everyday at lunch and we would talk and talk until we had to go in. This year specifically I've felt much more depressed (if you can't tell from the previous chapters) and what I started to realize is that whenever I was having a bad day or felt like crap it wasn't her who noticed. I've had this acquaintance, friend for awhile and in casual conversation she would ditch me to talk to someone else but whenever I felt bad or crappy she was the only one who noticed/cared. My "best friend" never did. Its weird to think that someone who says they know you so well can't even tell when your sad or having a bad day. Here's my advice, look around you. It may seem like someone is mean, or doesn't care, or wouldn't even notice you let alone talk to you but sometimes people can surprise you. No matter how alone you feel whether the person ever tells you or not someone notices. They care they just haven't told you they notice.

Its important to realize that people notice but it's also important not to depend on people noticing. They wont always. So just try to keep your head up and know someone's watching and cares whether you know if or not.

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